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LongJnSilver's Avatar LongJnSilver
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11-20-2011 | Posts: 1
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Need some help connecting my Energy sub (has dual mono female RCA inputs) to my Yamaha RX-V671 receiver which has a single female RCA plug.
Currently I'm using alittle 2-way male RCA Y-adapter - single male into the Yammy, both males of the Y into the sub.
Have tried every possible combo, including a single RCA cable into both R & L sub inputs, but the bass is weak in every configuration -- even with the sub hookup vol cranked up to 90%!
Thanks! Johnny - LongJnSilver
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11-20-2011 | Posts: 653
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How are the inputs on the sub labeled? One should say X-over, or crossover. That's the one you want to connect to the subwoofer output on your Yamaha. With a mono subwoofer cable. If it's just a left - right input use either one, not both. They're summed to mono in the amp anyway.

Then check your crossover settings in the Yamaha. Depends on your speakers to some degree but 80hz is the standard.

Also check your bass management settings in the Yamaha. Some configurations will bypass the subwoofer totally. Are you mostly using this for 2 channel audio or 5.1 home theater? (I guess a better question is do you notice the problem with 2 channel while movies are ok?)

And check the subwoofer level setting in the Yamaha. Start at zero, which is where it should be already if you haven't messed with it.

There should be two dials on the subwoofer amp. Volume and filter. Turn both all the way up.

From there if you need more output increase the subwoofer level in the Yamaha.
sun_in_india's Avatar sun_in_india
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04-26-2012 | Posts: 1
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Hi, I have the same exact problem. How did u resolve?
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12-05-2013 | Posts: 17
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Same problem, looking for fix.

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