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mmacm8256's Avatar mmacm8256 08:01 PM 02-06-2012
Last year I purchased an audio cable to play music on my iphone through an old 50's mono radio. I noticed that some songs didn't sound the way they should and it was pointed out that music recorded in stereo won't sound proper when played on a mono radio. I then purchased another cable that, when in conjunction with the original cable, made the music seemingly play in stereo through the old radio (or at least the songs were no longer 'missing' guitar parts, etc...). I have since moved and can't find these cables. What were they? Please help!

William's Avatar William 04:48 AM 02-07-2012
I vote "strangest thread of the month" with a great oxymoron title to boot.

Is the input jack on your "mono stereo" a single RCA (female) input? If so your cable was probably a mini stereo male to single RCA male. Also it's not a good idea to combine to signals with a cable and could damage your iPhone over time.

The safest and best method would be to buy a mini (male) to stereo RCA (male) and just hook one cable up. Then go into the iPhone's Settings/General/Accessibility and switch Mono Audio on.
mmacm8256's Avatar mmacm8256 05:52 AM 02-07-2012
Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I had a feeling this would elicit something of a snicker from some. There were two input jacks on the back of my stereo- 'phono' and 'mpx'. Is a 'mini (male) to stereo RCA (male)' that you mentioned the same thing as an Audio Y Cable Splitter 1-Mini Plug/2-RCA Plugs? I purchased one of those hoping to remedy the situation, but did not know enough to adjust the settings on my iphone. Thanks for responding.
William's Avatar William 09:00 AM 02-07-2012
This is what you are looking for. Just make sure you DON'T use the phone input.

How and why are you using a >55 year old device? Is it nostalgic? Just seems odd paring to an iPhone since the iPhone is PURE Sci-Fi in relation to a 1950's device.
mmacm8256's Avatar mmacm8256 09:19 AM 02-07-2012
It's a real attractive vintage radio for my living room- it's not my design to use it with my iphone everyday or anything, just occasionally. It sounds surprisingly nice!
'Just make sure you DON'T use the phone input.' - Could you elaborate? Whatever I used before ran from the headphone jack. Thanks again so much.
mmacm8256's Avatar mmacm8256 09:19 AM 02-07-2012
underminded999's Avatar underminded999 08:00 AM 02-08-2012
Originally Posted by William View Post

Just make sure you DON'T use the phone input.

My guess is that what was meant to be said is, "...DON'T use the phono input..."

The phono jack probably has an amp in it to boost a record's input volume. If you use a device, such as your iPhone, in that jack, you could damage the speakers.

The linked picture helped, what I was envisioning, and talk about "Futuristic Sound".

It has a real steampunk feel to it.

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