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triumphrider74's Avatar triumphrider74 08:19 AM 02-13-2012
I tried to search for an answer in the forums and couldn't find it.

Here is my situation. I have my M&K LCR-750 MK II sitting in an entertainment armoire. The speakers are to high. I am looking for suggestions on how to angle the speakers down without risking them sliding forward and dropping on the floor. Have any of you DIY guys found a good solution? Thanks for any tips.

I'll try to post some pictures later.

RKreutzer's Avatar RKreutzer 11:02 AM 02-13-2012
non-slip shelf liners might do it.

Bigus's Avatar Bigus 11:08 AM 02-13-2012
If there is danger of any decently sized and or heavy object falling over or falling forward off a shelf, whether furniture, a tv, or pair of speakers, you should anchor the back of the object securely to the wall behind to prevent injury. Especially if there are ever kids in the house. This can be accomplished with a solid brace or sufficiently sized cable.
DonH50's Avatar DonH50 12:05 PM 02-13-2012
In a similar situation I built little angled risers from pieces of wood and screwed a trim piece to the front that provided a lip to prevent slide-offs.
jackbuzz's Avatar jackbuzz 12:31 PM 02-13-2012
You could flip them upside down, putting the tweeters on the bottom, at which point they wouldn't need to be angled as much. The downside is the tweeter would be closer to a reflective boundary (floor/shelf).
triumphrider74's Avatar triumphrider74 07:10 AM 02-14-2012
I kept searching after starting this thread and found one on here where someone suggested rubber door stops. I stopped and picked some up on the way home for $1.49 each. They worked good! It turns out that there is a trim piece that the front edge of the speaker can rest against to help with not sliding around. I'm keeping a close watch for any movement, though, and also bought some little pieces of rubber bumpers with adhesive to attach to the shelf if needed.
triumphrider74's Avatar triumphrider74 07:18 AM 02-14-2012

Total cost: $8.94

Not bad.
808///M3's Avatar 808///M3 02:49 PM 02-16-2012
Keep in mind that many stand mounters are quite front-heavy, like tube TVs. Secure them, uh, securely
dragonfyr's Avatar dragonfyr 02:57 PM 02-16-2012
There is no 'independent' universal angle that is 'safe'.

Hence why a combination of compression straps, etc are generally employed.

Additionally, the problem is that the on axis (and acceptable off axis response) instead of being dispersed through out the horizontal plane of the room, now slices diagonally through the room, from top to bottom at an angle, severely limiting the usable response region and =necessarily determining the distance from the source that the signal is optimal.
triumphrider74's Avatar triumphrider74 09:31 PM 02-16-2012
Can report that I've had zero movement in the speakers throughout much listening this week. I like the idea of securing them with some straps or cables, though. Better safe than sorry.

Also, there is a noticeable improvement in the clarity of sound in the listening position, especially coming from the center.
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