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oppi's Avatar oppi 01:43 PM 04-25-2012
OK let me set the stage for this question, the new TV i am looking at is the mitsubishi WD73840. It has 16 speakers which can either do all your sound or be your center channel. The TV has a single rca plug for center channel input (not a pair of plugs red/white just one hole) Now my receiver can only output the center signal as bare speaker wire or banana plugs. How can i send the 2 wire signal of the receiver to the single rca input?

the back panel is on pg 9 of this manual link

thanks stumped

rdgrimes's Avatar rdgrimes 01:51 PM 04-25-2012
Originally Posted by oppi View Post

How can i send the 2 wire signal of the receiver to the single rca input?

You can't. It requires a line-level output from the receiver, not speaker-level.
JHAz's Avatar JHAz 02:27 PM 04-25-2012
True, unless you buy a speaker-to-line level converter. Common in car installations. Searching speaker to line level on yahoo pulled up a bunch on Ebay, some as cheap as $8.00. I can't say whether any are superior or inferior.
chikoo's Avatar chikoo 02:32 PM 04-25-2012
What receiver?
oppi's Avatar oppi 03:45 PM 04-25-2012
Harman kardon avr 145
chikoo's Avatar chikoo 05:56 PM 04-25-2012
WD-73840 Owners Manual


840 Series. Connect your A/V receiver’s center
channel output to this input to have the TV speakers
complement your external sound system with
center-channel sound. Set Sound > Global > Center
Channel to On to enable this input. See “Using the TV
Speakers as a Center Channel,” page 16 .

Using the TV Speakers as a Ce nter
If using an external surround sound system, you can
use the TV’s speakers to provide center channel sound.
Your A/V receiver must have a center channel pre out
that can supply an amplified center-channel signal to
the TV

HK AVR 145 Back Panel

No PRE-OUT on the HK AVR 145.
But what is confusing is that the TV manual states it requires "an amplified center channel signal". Whoa.
oppi's Avatar oppi 09:19 PM 04-25-2012
thanks for all the help folks, I haven't posted much but i read a lot and you all answer a lot of questions and provide solutions for stuff. I love this place

Guess I either need a new receiver or I can downgrade the level of the TV a bit to the 740 since the big add on the 840 is the 16 speakers in the front that can be used as a center channel. I can use my JBL S Center for that and prob get better sound

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