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zagnutty's Avatar zagnutty 04:42 PM 11-19-2012
I have a question that's been eating away at my brain.

I have an older surround receiver that I love (Kenwood KR-V126R). I don't watch movies through it often, but sometimes I do. It's an older surround receiver, no pro logic, no center channel. Just plain ol' 3 channel surround (left, right, rear).

Now, it's my understanding that Pro Logic carries surround information through a 2 channel signal. But since my receiver doesn't do any center channel decoding, does it play back the center channel material mixed into the main left and right fronts, or am I missing out center channel dialogue all together?

I suppose this isn't very important to me, since I usually adjust the TV volume to match the mains and use it as my center channel. But this question has been on my mind for a few months now and I guess I'm just seeking "closure".


Secret Squirrel's Avatar Secret Squirrel 06:36 PM 11-19-2012
The center channel material is pushed to your front mains. You would be better off just leaving the TV speakers out of the equation. If you where missing the center channel information all together you wouldn't hear anyone speaking. With your TV speakers off you should hear voices coming from your mains. If your listening position is centered between the mains and you toe them in properly you will get a phantom center image. I do this in a smaller 2.1 bedroom system and it sounds like I have a center channel but I don't.
zagnutty's Avatar zagnutty 06:52 PM 11-19-2012
I had a feeling that's how it worked, but wasn't sure. Will have to do the "tv sound off" bit and see how she sounds.

Thanks for the reply Squirrel. I appreciate it. I'll start doing my backup encodes with 2 channel pro logic sound from now on. I don't see a 5.1 receiver in my future. I love this receiver, it sounds great IMO, and can't afford a new one right now anyways.
TLCW's Avatar TLCW 12:43 AM 11-25-2012
You may see it this way : your receiver accepts 2.0 and encodes / generates the back channel for ambient, air, reflection and decay. The original stereo (2.0) , as explained by Secret Squirrel, with decent speakers and proper placement, generate the front soundstage with good quality. Many old vintage amplifiers are capable of on stereo sources..
Your receiver is a early developers of surround processing, just only Dolby, DTS, Audyssey, Neo become standard formats and Kenwood had not.
sdurani's Avatar sdurani 03:23 PM 11-25-2012
Originally Posted by TLCW View Post

Your receiver is a early developers of surround processing, just only Dolby, DTS, Audyssey, Neo become standard formats and Kenwood had not.
The 3-channel (left, right, surround) decoding that the OP described was not a Kenwood format, it was Dolby Surround, which was the standard format at that time.
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