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01-20-2013 | Posts: 18
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I'm overseas for a while and trying to establish a quaint setup in my small apartment. My sources are an ATV, PS3, and Blu-Ray Player (redundant, I know), all running directly to my TV via HDMI. I'm currently running a Fiio D3 DAC from the TV's optical output to a headphone splitter for the two powered main channels and to a powered sub.

When streaming audio through the ATV, I can control the volume on the iOS device which works perfectly. However, when streaming video or using the other two sources, I lose all volume control and it just runs wide open from the DAC. Both speakers and sub have their own volume controls, but if I adjust one, I have to get up and adjust the other to match which becomes an annoying habit.

Therefore, I'm looking for suggestions to improve this connectivity issue. My first inclination is to look for a DAC with a remote control for volume. Most of the equipment I'm using was cannibalized from my home theater in the US, so I'm not trying to sink a lot of money into this setup. I suppose $100 or maybe a tad more is as much as I'd like to spend for such a temporary setup as this. Any help?
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