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starwares's Avatar starwares 09:01 AM 01-20-2013
Would like to simply distribute a mono audio signal (radio) to several locations in the house. My wife puts every radio in the house on.
Wondering if anyone had an easy, cheap solution. Powerline comes to mind but all the stuff I see refers to networking. I'm fixed for networking just looking to do this for audio. Just need like intercom type quality for AM radio. The Acoustic Research HDP100 HD Powerlink looks interesting but it's HDMI in and out. I suppose I could work with that, especially since they are dirt cheap. Another interesting thing was the LG AN-WL100W (wireless audio / video delivery system) which takes analog audio in and I'm not sure what on the receiver side. It's propriatery for LG sets but I would think it could just do with some hardware hacks. Anybody ever played with these or have any other ideas ? Goal is easy, quick and cheap. Thanks.

JD in NJ's Avatar JD in NJ 09:15 AM 01-20-2013
It sounds like a decent application for a Sonos setup, but that might cost a bit more than you're interested in spending.
Glimmie's Avatar Glimmie 11:52 AM 01-20-2013
Just keep researching it. At the quality level you need, AM radio, there should be plenty of low cost solutions that don't involve pulling wires through the walls.

Power line carrier devices seems like a good approach.
xianthax's Avatar xianthax 02:24 PM 01-20-2013
You can probably use a 3.5mm to FM transmitter like the ones people use to get iPod audio in cars that don't have aux inputs. This assumes that every device you want to play the audio has an FM tuner.

I did a quick google for "3.5mm to fm transmitter entire house" and there appear to be some higher powered models for whole house use. The first hit for example.
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