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ljun's Avatar ljun 05:28 AM 02-11-2013
How do people typically spread out speakers when doing whole house (multi-room) in-ceiling audio? What happens in the following scenarios:

(1) two in-ceiling speakers ... do you just randomly choose one to play the left channel and the other the right? [assuming it's just for general music listening]

(2) what about an open floor where you'll have 4 speakers total?

(3) how about a room with odd numbered speakers?

Very curious smile.gif thanks!

markrubin's Avatar markrubin 07:07 AM 02-11-2013
a lot of installers wire in ceiling speakers in mono: much easier that way ...and usually makes for better sound

otherwise you would have to install the speakers based on a listener 'sweet spot' which is not practical...
ljun's Avatar ljun 03:12 PM 02-11-2013
That's what I figured .... thanks a bunch! smile.gif
Bigus's Avatar Bigus 12:22 AM 02-12-2013
Just to add to the choices, there are also single speakers in stereo configuration, sometimes with dual tweeters and mids in the single housing, sometimes with dual tweeters and a shared midbass driver. These can sound quite good as well for a single speaker location.
ljun's Avatar ljun 04:10 AM 02-12-2013
^ hmmmmm ...... smile.gif I will have to look into this! I assume the speaker themselves would have four terminals (for each stereo channel)?
markrubin's Avatar markrubin 06:03 AM 02-12-2013

I have several of those in my house: there are separate voice coils and terminals for each speaker
ljun's Avatar ljun 07:05 PM 02-12-2013
^ markrubin ... which ones do you have? I'm considering the AIM7 DT Three (SpeakerCraft) but can't find too much information about them, and how they sound .... :|
markrubin's Avatar markrubin 07:42 PM 02-12-2013
mine are Speakercraft but I don't know the model

they are round approx 7 inch diameter: removing the grill you can see 2 separate speakers. Mine were installed in 1999

they sound OK for what they are: room acoustics plays a big role

as to your original question:

I prefer 2 separate speakers in a room: in wall speakers with back boxes sound better to me than any ceiling speaker

this is all driven by how your house is set up and room acoustics

for outdoor speakers, I use Near A8 speakers driven by Crown CDi1000 amp
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