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eggbert52's Avatar eggbert52 08:45 PM 02-16-2013
Hey guys...thanks in advance for any help.

So here is my setup:

[*] Panasonic p65vt50
[*] Bowers & Wilkens 683 tower speakers
[*] Bowers & Wilkens Center Channel (Forgot model)
[*] Bowers & Wilkens M1 surround speakers
[*] Yamaha RX-A820 receiver
[*] Audioquest Type 2 Speaker Cable
[*] Audioquest Banana Plugs

My huge problem is this. My receiver when doing the mic test only shows the right surround sound speaker. I have checked the obvious, red on red, black on black, etc. However, I have no idea what could be the issue first? My first guess would be to take the right surround speaker and see if it works on the left side which would eliminate a cable issue.

Any other ideas?

Thanks so much for your help.


amirm's Avatar amirm 08:59 PM 02-16-2013
This is only a test tone problem? It plays fine across all the channels when playing from some other source? And did it work before and stop now? Or is this a new setup?
eggbert52's Avatar eggbert52 09:04 PM 02-16-2013
OK thanks so it's a new setup. Front towers and center work perfectly with the receiver. Just got the surround sound speakers tonight and cut the cable and no luck. I haven't tried other sources as of yet but maybe that's an idea.

Are you saying this might be a possible receiver issue? I always and will check out everything so I have another Yamaha upstairs where I can check both speakers.

Really appreciate it!
amirm's Avatar amirm 09:36 PM 02-16-2013
Oh, I thought you were saying only a single surround channel was working. Be sure to go into the speaker configuration and make sure the AVR knows all the channels are there. But yes, if a single channel is out it could be a blown amplifier. But let's take it one step at a time. For sure do as you thought which was to take the working speaker+cable and connect it to the other channel that does not work. That would rule out the speaker and wire being a problem. Make sure of course that none of the wires are shorted out at the AVR or the speaker. If shorted, the amp has a protection circuit and will shut down the channel.
eggbert52's Avatar eggbert52 10:58 PM 02-16-2013
Thanks so much.

So impossible! LOL...a bad B&W speaker?? Who would have thunk? Took the one on the right that wasn't working and replaced it with the one on the left and it started working. Then, just to be sure...put my Polk in the right spot and it's working perfectly along with the good B&W on the left. I'm wondering if maybe my speaker was dropped?

I really appreciate your help on this.

I'm really shocked a brand new B&W set of speakers would go bad.

That being said. Can I mix surround sound Definitive Speakers with B&W front and centers or would you advise against it? The Definitive Surround Speakers sound amazing for the same price.

Please let me know and thanks again!
amirm's Avatar amirm 11:54 PM 02-16-2013
Ah, I am glad you found the problem! I too am surprised that a new speaker would be completely dead that way.

As to mixing brands, I don't lose sleep over doing that for surrounds. It is the front three that I would definitely keep matched.
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