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dudeitsok112's Avatar dudeitsok112 10:50 PM 02-28-2013
i have a Kdl 46ex720 tv Sony STR DH520 receiver bose 701 series 2,161bookshelf, music moniter 101 old school,jbl es250pb sub and infinity satellite model us-1 speakers
not sure on how i should set them up for best room is small to work wit in a way should i go 5.1 6.1 or 7.1

fbov's Avatar fbov 11:50 AM 03-01-2013
Without spending lots of time figuring out what all those model numbers mean, set it up with CC near the TV, L/R speakers on either side of the TV, and surrounds to the side and slightly behind the listening position.

Searching THX would tell you as much.

Sound quality may not be what you expect, and you'll want to know what to change. You'll have to tell us more, like give a diagram of the room. The only non-generic guideance I can see from your post is to try and arrange your TV and listneing position (LP) so you can put the speakers as far from the LP as possible in a small room. Some speakers may not sound as good pushed up against the wall (boomy/too much bass), so pull them a little away if you can, and they're not already too close to the LP.

I'm also hoping these are fairly small speakers, as larger speakers require a longer listening distance before the drivers integrate...

And temper yor bass expectations; small rooms are very hard places to get good, smooth bass... boomy bass is easy.

HAve fun,
dudeitsok112's Avatar dudeitsok112 04:37 PM 03-01-2013
i appreciate your opinion i have my tv setup in the corner actually very tight spot until i get my basement finished theirs really no other place i could pull it off having all the equipment in 1 spot the 701's r floor standing speakers kind big in a way i have them right next to my tv couple inches separating them on each sides they should be further apart thats taking way from sound performance in a way right there...subwoofer is behind on the tv like in the corner um my couch is like 8ft away from my tv.right behind my couch i have heater radiator covers with bookshelf speakers on it.the setup sounds good right now but when i play movies on my ps3 i feel like the sound is downgraded in a way because of my speaker setup+room size a lot of bass being that the 701's have built in woofers in them that sound good by itself but the added jbl sub just multiples the bass.what speaker should i use for the center should i go by wattage speaker size of my bookshelf to make it my center gonna get long speaker wire to put bookshelf speakers in different positions of my room i was thinking the same thing keeping 1 speaker behind the couch then putting another like in the corner away from where my lp u think i have good speakers in general for 5.1/7.1 or is it all preference.what about speaker wire quailty i have monster cable that was purchased a long time ago but just sitting there brand new and i hooked the 701's up 2.and how about fiber optic cables i have a old fiber optic cable i've been using for probably like 10 years now do u think i should replace all the wiring the cables r in good condition.sorry for the long response

701 series 2
2-1/2" tweeter
3" tweeter
6-1/2" midrange
8" woofer, driven by a built-in amplifier
recommended power 10-300 watts
161 specs
Two full-range 2-1/2" drivers per speaker
recommended power 10-100 watts
101 specs
45 Watt RMs
100 Watts Max
infinity us-1 specs
Universal Satellite Speakers US-1 333592 10 - 100w
jbl es250 sub specsAmplifier Power (RMS) 400W
Crossover Frequencies 50Hz – 150Hz; 24dB/octave, continuously variable
Amplifier Power (Peak) 700W
Frequency Response 25Hz – 150Hz
Driver 12" (300mm) PolyPlas™
Mobile  Desktop