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Ceedubbadubba's Avatar Ceedubbadubba 09:41 PM 04-07-2013
Hi Everyone,

I'm a complete amateur at all of this stuff, and I'm trying to mix and match components I've accumulated over the years. I'm trying to use these components to accomplish my goal of having inside/outside music/TV without having to buy an expensive AVR. I fully expect that my question has a very simple answer that I'm not aware of.

Here's my setup:

I have a Sony Dream System as my receiver. I have my Time Warner Cable Box and XBOX 360 running Red/White Component Cable to the Dream System as inputs. I have an AppleTV running to the receiver via TOSLINK (Optical).

I cut the proprietary output cable from the Sony Dream System to expose the speaker wire inside. I ran that speaker wire into a SpeakerCraft 4-Speaker Selector.

I then ran speaker wire from two of the outputs of the speaker selector. I spliced one output back to the proprietary Sony Connectors for my indoor speakers. I ran the other output to some outdoor rock speakers through a volume control.

Here's the problem:

The output for the cable box and XBOX seem to be working perfectly on both sets of speakers. The AppleTV, however, only plays out of the right channel (whether that be on the inside speakers or outside speakers). This leads me to believe that there is some sort of issue with converting digital audio signal (TOSLINK) to speaker wire.

In the meantime, I have run both the Left and Right channels out of the Right channel output in order to get sound on all speakers. This is not a perfect fix, obviously, because any sound produced on the Left channel does not come through (it makes for some weird sounding songs!).

So, my questions are:

  • Have I properly identified the issue as TOSLINK to speaker wire not being compatible?
  • If so, is it possible to convert that TOSLINK signal into stereo using speaker wire? I'm assuming there is some converter (though I'd rather find another option, I'd like to know what converter I would need to get).
  • If that's not the problem, is there something else I should be doing in order to achieve stereo sound?
  • Is there a way to make AppleTV output in Mono so that my temporary solution (mentioned above) does not result in lost Left Channel information?

Thanks in advance for the help!!


rritterson's Avatar rritterson 01:08 AM 04-08-2013
This is double posted in the speakers forum too. I gave my advice on the other thread.
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