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Originally Posted by FOH View Post

I understand your points, but for additional clarification, which I'm sure you can appreciate ...
A couple items; the equipment on/off status wasn't stated, but in the scenario I layed out, it had to be on for the damage to occur.
I assumed that the housekeeping functions built into remote control equipment would be sufficient draw to take out an HDMI. Nowadays, appliances turned off doesn't mean open circuit.
Originally Posted by FOH View Post

You've used this term a handful of times, are you referring to the normal ... one of several types of protective devices primarily aimed at the line voltage market, but also possessing a section of I/O for "F", RJ11, RJ45, etc?

Like this below?


Yes. That kind of unit is usually designed to connect all the grounds together. That way, a nearby strike which induced voltages into loops would not be able to create large device to device voltages. Cable, data and tel lines can be very exposing to nearby strikes.

Loop trapping during a nearby strike can induce around 400 volts per square meter of loop, it falls off as 1/r. It also depends on severity, rate of rise of the current, and whether it's a leader, initial, or a return stroke. Since the standard thinking (I don't agree) is to put low level runs far away from power dist., we force large loops. The cable feed to power feed loop in a house, when large, will allow a nearby strike to induce wild voltages at the tv input jack.. Multiport point of use supressors can alleviate that.

I don't think it needs to be so expensive's not the MOV capacity at play here, just the connection.

Within the context of our present discussion, this device should prevent a neutral/ground float from killing the low level interconnect circuitry.


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Gotcha, ... I think redface.gif

Your thorough grasp is appreciated. I can think of several professional scenarios past, ... whereby your consultation coulda saved me a mucho lot of time and headache.

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