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I'm looking to get started with a music setup first that can be expanded to a 5.1ch home theatre in the next few years. I would like to be able to listen to CDs and MP3s primarliy and be able to stream to the AVR (best possible bit rates and quality of course) with the initial setup then expand to 5.1ch home theatre for movies and music equal split in the next few years. Just need some advice on compatibility in terms of the amount of power going to the speakers and best value combinations for the's what i was thinking:

Initial setup:- 2ch audio only system

Speakers- B&W CM5s £799 (heard these before and very impressed with their sound for the size but worth the money?)
AVR- Marantz SR5007 £449 (7.1ch, 100w/ch @8ohms, AirPlay, USB)
CD player- Marantz CD5006 £279 (is this component needed at all as the AVR has so much connectivity features- maybe just get a Blu-ray player?)
Already have cables

Future setup:

Same as above with the following additions:-

Floorstanders- B&W CM8s £1250
Centre- CMC £450
Sub- acoustic-energy-aegis-neo-v2-subwoofer £300

Thoughts and opinions welcome:

Component compatibility/product life expectancy etc
Value for money and alternatives
Any other opinions and advice :-)
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Sub performance is related to room size. How big is your room?

One of the more popular sub vendors here in the US is SVS Sound. They are an Internet direct vendor that generally provides a much better value than traditional speaker company subwoofers, and you'll find many recommendations for them on these forums. They do have a distributor in the UK:

Here are a couple of reviews of SVS subs:

And remember that a sub is both a speaker and and an amplifier. I think it's lopsided to put that much money into your front sound stage and then expect a £300 subwoofer to offer the same SQ performance.

Your questions are answered: Speaker FAQ
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IMO the CM5 and similar B & W products are only fair and have an excessive price tag.

I suggest that you look at KEF and Wharfedale for speakers that are better-sounding at the price.

An OPPO BDP-103 would be my choice for a player. It will sound better than the Marantz and also play Bluray.

I think the Marantz is fairly good, but the Harman-Kardon 3650 or 2650 are better-sounding receivers, with better-designed power supply and amplifiers.
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Thanks for the replies!

I understand what you mean about the sub so will look into that. The room im going to have will be modest in size (30 feet long by 15 feet wide and 15 feet high). Maybe im over doing it in terms of power?

Its a tricky one with KEF unfortunatley in northern Ireland there are only 2 dealers one of which is getting refurbished all the way until July. The other has only got high end pioneer receivers (£2000+) and only has B&W speakers. Ive heard Polk, Wharfedale, Klipsch and Theopany before through a training course for a previous job and the B&W stood out for me with the Marantz receiver having a warm and clear character that i enjoyed.

My problem is that unless i travel to England im not going to get to hear other combinations to know what is better for SQ or value than my original idea frown.gif
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