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I posted this in the Home Theater Build area and no one responded. I have a room that is 22' x 32' that is already finished and I have some questions about setting up a 7.2 speakers. I have two Klipsch subwoofers, center channel, bookshelf speakers for mains, and two 8" Polk in-wall speakers for surrounds and 8" Polk in-ceiling speakers for rear surrounds. (I know, I know, your all going to tell them the in-wall/ceiling speakers will sound like crap, but that was all I was able to negotiate with my wife..eek.gif ).

I am planning on putting a step for a second row, where should I place my surround and rear surround speakers? I've read that the rear surrounds should be 7' from main sitting position, but is that from the first row or second row? How and where should I place the surround speakers. I've read that you place it slightly behind the main sitting position about a foot high, but what sitting position. It looks like you either cater to the front row, or split the difference. What is everyone's advice to where to place the in-wall and in-ceiling speakers?
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