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Been a while since I started posting here, gave up on my 5.1 dreams and fell in love with my 2.1 system.

Bass is muddy as hell though and I need some help.

Contacted gik acoustics and got this message


I sit right near where that table is in the center now, about 5-6 feet from the tv and speakers
the subwoofer got moved closer to the camera in this shot near where this computer desk used to be.



2 Channel Listening Room
Room Size (width x length x height)
15ft x 23ft x 7ft

The room has five corners and one corner has a door so I'm not sure how to handle that with bass traps.

The basic room package has bass traps that don't cover tri corners I heard it's better to treat both top adn bottom tri corners than to treat the bulk middle of a corner.

On the corners, we’re still covering the same space regardless of where they are and sitting on the floor with something like Tri Traps is perfect, takes less space, and performs better than something like the 244 or even the Montser straddling the corner.

The 7’ ceiling will need to be addressed over your head and preferably also reflection points with 244 panels – not sure with the light and vent how much of that we can do.

I would also like to see 2 Monster Panels with Scatter Plates on the wall behind your seat.

Adding this up it’s going to be over budget but I figured I’d just lay out the optimal plan and then we can talk about breaking into phases, etc. Once we get this pinned down, I’ll forward it all over to Alex to do a sketch for your reference.

Looking forward to working with you.

I only want to spend about 1k.

My plan is to cover first reflections with normal acoustical panels

A Monster cloud over where I sit

and now the main problem, either, treat 3 or 4 corners with monster traps or just the front two behind the front left and right with floor to ceiling tri traps.

The back wall is about 10-12 feet behind where I sit. I just don't see any way treating it would make a huge difference. But I'm obviously not the most educated person in this subject.

dno if this helps but about 1 foot behind my seating position all I can really hear is insanely boomy base. but right where I sit it blends perfectly with the speakers and I can only pick it out in movies, explosions ect. but it is still super muddy.

MASSIVE thank you to anyone who takes the time to give me a second opinion.


my sub still rattles my room/house a good bit despite being on top of the packaging styrofoam and then on top of a sub dude. Any thing else I could do or would that be about as isolated from the floor as it gets? without hanging it from the ceiling....
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