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maytho01's Avatar maytho01 09:36 PM 06-13-2013
Hi guys, I'm Tom and new to the forum. I've been reading in the shadows on plenty of articles to pass the time. It's time to come out of the woodworks and say Howdy.
little about my self 23, work around Australia water blasting concrete structures, to expose the steel reinforcments. So i go away for weeks at a time. When I come home I certainly like to play. Home Theater is an area i've always been fond of since i was about 15. When I bought my first set of speakers Logitech z-5500d, thought they were the be all and end alls. before that i used to play around with dads old B&W beovox S45 which i still use to this day.

recently have completed some renovations (still at mum and dads, don't judge) but, routed out the brick walls to lay down some braided copper so i have wall plates darted around my room to keep mother happy about all the cables.

current set up

Sony Bravia 40"
New PC, running a 660TI graphics card --> HDMI out
Yamaha RX-V765
Rotel RB1080
B&W Beogram 4002
Sony CDP-295

Paradigm Centre 1
Mordaunt Short 914i's
B&W Beovox S45's
Paradigm Sub 12 (monitor range)

Just ordered on Tuesday
Paradigm Studio 100's
Paradigm CC 690
Paradigm ADP 590

These come on Tuesday hopefully, problem is i leave on monday for work (6 weeks roughly, ski trip included in there)

Anyway, the problem

my left and right channels (MS) powered by the Rotel have started hissing with a fair bit of noise, just one frequency but constantly playing. does not alter in volume change, just stays the same.....never used to have this problem, all ive done is dust behind all the amps.
so yamy off, rotel on hums
yamy on, rotel on, hums (and sometimes can hear my mouse moving if that makes sense, like computer talk)
yamy on, rotel off....hum stops /shock horror

ive set the Shorts up biwire, should i just bridge them and go single? is the rotel on the way out?
will the studio 100's have the same character of hum?
is the rotel too powerful for the shorts?

ADP 590 will go over those plates upon arrival, dads B&W being used for the rears

thats the set up, not ideal for home theatre but its as good as i got

cluster**** of cables, i realise it doesnt look good it must be a bit cramped there, ive moved

Speedskater's Avatar Speedskater 06:22 PM 06-18-2013
Did your folks get any new electronic items while you were away? Things like high efficiency lights, appliances or a TV Set Top Box.
maytho01's Avatar maytho01 06:50 PM 06-18-2013
Led down lights would be the only change I can think of
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