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sid369's Avatar sid369 07:24 AM 06-21-2013
I found someone who will help put the wires, but I need to order the speaker wires today. can anyone suggest what brand of speaker wires should I buy. I will most likely use Amazon and it will ship the fastest.

Also, Should I buy any other cables etc., that may have future use (like cat5e etc.). If so what cables?

Ethan Winer's Avatar Ethan Winer 08:19 AM 06-21-2013
The first thing you need to determine is where the speakers and seating will go. Get that wrong now, and you're in for a lot of heartache later. This will help:

How to set up a room

For regular loudspeakers, 16 gauge lamp cord is fine for runs up to about 30 feet. If you're running many hundreds of watts, or need to go farther, thicker electrical wire is needed. But any decent hardware store will have the type of wire you need. There's no benefit to wire that claims to be just for loudspeakers, especially if it costs more than lamp cord or Romex.

As for network wiring, that's always a good idea. Phone wiring too.

--DANNY--'s Avatar --DANNY-- 08:28 PM 06-21-2013
I'd go with at least 14AWG CL2 in-wall rated wiring.

Definitely figure out exactly where everything's going before that drywall goes up! Also, it may not hurt to have runs for additional speakers if you think you may ever jump to 7.1, different sub location, etc.
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