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Glads's Avatar Glads 11:10 PM 07-22-2013
Hi All: I am a beginner (and I am sure you have answered this question before many times), and am trying put a decent speaker system for my basement (room size: 11x14). Would greatly appreciate if you could provide suggestions on the best Receiver-Speaker combo I could get for a budget around $2000. I would prefer a 7.1 system, but can settle for 5.1 if it provides better value (and add 2 satellites later). This will be primarily used for movies- mostly blurays/dvds, some of them in 3-d content. Thanks in advance, appreciate your help!

bass addict's Avatar bass addict 03:27 PM 07-23-2013
Why don't you do some basic research and come back here with some ideas, and we can help you narrow it down from there.

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Glads's Avatar Glads 12:51 AM 07-24-2013
Thanks for the feedback, @bass addict. I have been looking around , and am considering the following:
Receiver: Denon AVR-2313CI or Yamaha RX-V673 (I am shying away from Onkyo- lot of negative reviews).
Towers/Center: Thinking of Polk TSi500 and CS 20 or Polk TSi400/CS10
Sub: PSW 505 or BIC F12
Surrounds: TSi200 or TSi100

(I have seen some recommendations with Sp-FS52/SP-C22/SP-BS22- not sure if this will be adequate)

Appreciate any help / advise you can provide
Nethawk's Avatar Nethawk 01:17 AM 07-24-2013
The Denon is a good receiver. Go to the Speakers forum and start browsing through similar threads. You're a candidate for Ascend Acoustics, I'll warn you in advance smile.gif
shadyJ's Avatar shadyJ 01:54 PM 07-24-2013
I would skip Polk speakers, unless you get a really good deal on some Rti series. You can do much better than those subwoofers as well. The Pioneer SP speakers are good, but I think you can do a lot better on a $2k budget. Those are for very tight budgets. For subwoofers, I would be looking at the Hsu VTF2 mk4, Rythmik LV12r, or Outlaw LFM-1 Plus at the very least on your budget.
Glads's Avatar Glads 08:39 PM 07-26-2013
@Nethawk: I am going by your advice- Denon AVR-2313CI it is :-) I looked at Ascend Acoustics- its beyond my budget.
@shadyJ: Thankyou- I am still doing my research on speakers- confused with all the info..

Any advice on Boston Acoustics A 360 (towers)- A 225C (center) ? Can anyone recommend matching surround speakers for these please?
CubicleCrusher's Avatar CubicleCrusher 10:38 AM 07-30-2013
I used to like Boston Acoustics in the 90's, but haven't heard them since.

You can get that AVR on accessories4less for $450 right now.
You should plan on $350- $550 on a sub.
That leaves you $1000 -> $1200 on a 5.0 or 7.0 speaker setup.

Ascend's aren't totally out of range, if you want to go there - you could make it work.

This Ascend 7.0 package is just a bit more than that...but not much:
CMT-340 SE front pr + CMT-340 SE center + CBM-170 SE rear pr + CBM-170 SE rear pr
+ $130.00 shipping
+ XXX accessories and mounting
Cut that down to 5.0 and get your final two CBM-170's later and you'll be in the green.

Toy with their package calculator to see if you find something that works.

Start with 3.1 and slowly move to 7.2 if you want.

Heck, I was so happy with my Wharfedale Diamond 10.2's that I'm still using them in a 2.1 setup for TV, Movies and Music! Every time I think about getting the matching, $300, center channel, I find something else to buy instead. Recently a new turntable trumped the center speaker. Previous to that it was my garage-sale hunting for a basement system. biggrin.gif

Eventually I'll get the Diamond surround package together as I originally planned, but I'm really finding that 2.1 sound can be pretty good (especially if you are only used to HTIB's or the built-in TV speakers). I tend to listen to music-mostly, so I even find myself listing to 2.0 sound in "Direct Mode" quite a bit.

One thing I like about starting small and then adding, is that you do get to see how each addition changes the sound/experience. When I get my center channel and upgrade to 3.1, I know I'll enjoy the added bonus. If I don't, I'll send it back! biggrin.gif But by the time I'm surrounded with the 5.1 system, my ears will be well trained and I'll know exactly why I have each piece - and what it does for me.
Nethawk's Avatar Nethawk 03:44 PM 07-31-2013
Originally Posted by Glads View Post

@Nethawk: I am going by your advice- Denon AVR-2313CI it is :-) I looked at Ascend Acoustics- its beyond my budget.
@shadyJ: Thankyou- I am still doing my research on speakers- confused with all the info..

Any advice on Boston Acoustics A 360 (towers)- A 225C (center) ? Can anyone recommend matching surround speakers for these please?

CubicleCrusher was kind enough to break it down for you. Apologies for not being clear - the CMT-340SE, not the Sierras, are well within your budget. I also echo his advice, as it is often recommended to build a system over time. Start with receiver, LCR speakers and subwoofer, then add surrounds, then rear channel speakers. What wasn't mentioned is the benefit of stretching out the excitement factor. It's always fun to receive new boxes! biggrin.gif
Glads's Avatar Glads 11:16 PM 07-31-2013
Thanks, CubicleCrusher. How does Ascend compare against other speakers (Klipsch/Infinity, etc)? Is Ascend at around $1,200 (for 5.0) better than Klipsch F-30 towers/C-20 center/S-20 surround at around the same price range ? ($1,200 or so) or Infinity P363 towers/PC351 center/P153BK surround (around $700)?
lovinthehd's Avatar lovinthehd 11:52 PM 07-31-2013
To an extent it's what sounds good to you. How much auditioning have you done? Or can do? It can be tough to go ID, but I found it worked out for me. Personally am not a big fan of the Klipsch sound (although a long time ago I did hear some of their really big floorstanders that sounded nice). I think the Ascends hold their own for the buck easily. I don't own the 340s but do own Sierra-1s, 170's and 200's. The 340s across the front plus a sub in a room your size should sound great in a 3.1 configuration but you could easily add the 170s for surrounds later if you want to keep expenditures down although you do get a bigger discount by buying more at once (and they have a deal with Rythmik subs, which is a good choice). In that size room probably even 170s for all 5 ch would sound very good and maybe allow dual subs for a rockin setup....

I'd start no bigger than 5 ch in a room that size personally, too. I use 7 ch in my big living room but 5 ch in a bedroom similar in size to yours (actually a bit bigger).
CubicleCrusher's Avatar CubicleCrusher 07:20 AM 08-01-2013
I really can't tell you what is "better than" what. Your room acoustics will have a lot to do with things too.

There are certainly fans of both the Klipsch and Infinity systems.

I, personally, get enjoyment from supporting the "smaller" speaker companies because I simply have a gut feeling that you'll get better quality and service from them. Not to say the quality or service from the big-boys suck, I just like the idea of supporting the smaller companies. So there is a bit of a brand-bias in me when it comes to speaker choice.

I don't own Ascend Acoustics, but they do come highly recommended and I simply wanted to point out that they were not out of your range.

ARX is another brand that has some interesting options.

If you can audition speakers, that is best - but I couldn't because I live too deep into "the trees". Hi-Fi around here is limited to say the least. So look for a vendor who has a fair return policy. Often you'll be responsible for return shipping, but if you could get 30-60 days to try things out, that might give you peace of mind. If you go with a big-company, then Crutchfield offers a 60 day return policy, which is as good as I've found anywhere.

It's a crap shoot, the best you can do is have fun with it. At this price range it'll be a matter of personal preference because none of it is really "junk".
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