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MethodX's Avatar MethodX 08:30 AM 09-22-2013
I want to improve the master bathroom audio and amplified power for the setup described below. I am looking for help with designing this the right way and which components I will need.

Speakers I plan to Use

Steam shower area – Niles CM8SI (not purchased). A single ceiling mount speaker for stereo applications (serves as left & right channels). 8 ohms nominal; 6 ohms minimum 10 – 130 watts. This will be placed in the center ceiling area of a 10’ long steam shower.

Main bathroom area – Two Polk 700LS ceiling mount speakers (not purchased). 8 ohm nominal; 10 – 150 watts. These will be ceiling mount about 3’ behind anyone standing at each of two sinks.

Audio Supply:

Audio supply is the Kohler DTVII Media Module (purchased and installed). Audio specifications are not available in any documentation I’ve found. Based on the speakers paired with this system (speaker details shown next) I suspect it's designed to supports 4 ohm. They do sell a 2 speaker wiring and a 4 speaker wiring bundle. Amplified power is unknown. I did connect two 6 ohm 3-way traditional speakers as a test and they performed very well, but I don't want to overdrive this media module circuit.

The following speakers I will *not* use, but these are my reference since they are paired for the Kohler Media Module. Kohler SoundTile designed by Polk Audio. 4 ohm; unknown watts.

Need Design Help:

I’ll describe what I am thinking of doing and am looking for help with this or details on a better design. I was planning to use a line level converter from the left/right speaker outputs on the Kohler Media Module. The line level convertor would then feed the line level signal to power amplifier for the single steam shower stereo speaker (L/R) and the two Polk speakers (one is L /one is R). I want to make sure I do not put any strain on the audio circuit / amp in the Kohler Media Module and want the speaker ohm and power requirements to be handled after the line level converter.

Let me know if you need more details on anything I did not describe well enough.

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