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Berserksquirrel's Avatar Berserksquirrel 11:52 PM 01-12-2014

I have a 65 Inch Samsung LED HDTV model UN65FH6001FXZA . (The one Best Buy had for $999 for there Thanksgiving Sale) It has no audio out so I bought a Onkyo TX SR705 7.1 Channel 700 Watt Receiver to hook up my Bose CineMate® Series II system to. My friend came over to hook it up for me, but he couldn't figure out how to get the sound to work. It would work through the TV speakers but not the Bose system. I just figured that since I have a nice TV and a decent receiver that I would look for another surround sound system. I know nothing about sound bars so I am looking for some advice. I have about $300 or so to spend on a surround sound set up. Don't need all the parts at once, that is just what I have to spend right now.  I am just use to the Bose 2 speakers but still having surround sound. Any advice would be great.





scorrpio's Avatar scorrpio 09:46 AM 01-13-2014
What sources are you watching on this TV? If you connect an antenna and use the TV's tuner, there is no way you can get the sound off the TV. It has no analog or digital, and no audio return via HDMI.

If you are only going to feed in external sources: DVD, Blu-Ray, cable box, game console etc - they would have to go through the receiver.

Now, exactly how were you connecting the Onkyo to the Bose? Bose takes in either analog (red/white) stereo or an optical. SR705 has an optical out, but you can also use 'Tape' analog output or 'Zone 2'. I do not recommend using front L/R preamp outputs since on multichannel sources, all the center/surround/LFE channel data will be missing.

For about $300, you could get this:
Berserksquirrel's Avatar Berserksquirrel 11:06 PM 01-13-2014

Thanks for the advice. I actually saw this a Best Buy and was thinking about it.


I could probobly sell my Bose system and it would cover or come close to covering the cost of the above speakers.

Bond 007's Avatar Bond 007 11:28 PM 01-13-2014
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