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I have a 65" Panasonic VT60, ZVOX 580 soundbar, xbox one, and a motorola DVR.

I have my xbox one and dvr plugged into my tv. I have the one and only digital optical connection on my tv running from my tv to my zvox sound bar. Everything is working as it should except for the "5.1" my zvox should be outputting. The xbox one will not allow me to set it without giving me an error.

The xbox one has the hdmi from the tv running into it.

My question:

Is there anyway to get everything running through my receiver, which has only one digital optical connection, and allow the xbox one to output the "5.1?" So far I can only get the 5.1 going by running the optical cable directly from the xbox one to the receiver.
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The digital audio won't be simply relayed through the TV on to the soundbar - unfortunately, TVs are almost all set up as input devices only - so any audio signal coming into the TV is processed by the TV for playback on board - that is to say down mixed to stereo for stereo playback by the TV itself. The stereo signal can then be sent on to other devices, but in very few cases can the original signal be relayed on. So, your observation that 5.1 needs to go directly from the console to the soundbar is entirely normal, and generally to be expected.

Are you using the TV's internal tuner to receive and decode broadcast TV with 5.1 sound? If you are not (and instead only using the DVR as a source) then you only have 2 multichannel sources - the console, and the DVR. The soundbar has two digital inputs, one optical and one coaxial - assuming that both can be used (I think I've read that in some cases one might override the other, such that you could use only one or the other, not both), then hopefully the DVR has a coaxial output you could use. If it's not possible to use both digital inputs on the soundbar, you may be stuck either with stereo for one source or buying a switch of some sort.

Can you hear the difference?
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If the DVR had a coax output, use that. Or, get an optical to coax converter. Or, get an optical switch so that the Xbox and DVR can share the sound system's one optical input.
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