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Jim McC's Avatar Jim McC 01:34 AM 03-08-2014
THX says to place the sub in the center of screen wall, and Dolby says to place it on screen wall, away from a corner.

Do you agree with this?

How close to a corner is "too close"?


flickhtguru's Avatar flickhtguru 05:08 AM 03-08-2014

I wouldn't worry about what those sites say. The only way to know where a subwoofer should go is to try it. Do the subwoofer crawl to find the best location OR buy a USB calibrated mic and download REW for free and take in room frequency response measurements. Some times corner loaded is best some times 1/3 the wall's distance from the corner is best, sometimes the best spot could be on a side wall or rear wall or rear corner. I have dual subs (which I will never go back to a single sub again) my subs in my room sound best with 1 sub up front on the front wall between the front left speaker and the TV/center speaker and 1 sub behind the corner of my L shaped sectional couch so that sub is on the right side wall about 2/3 the way back.


Also you MLP (main listening position) is just as important as sub location. If you are sitting in a null then you need to move your seating. You should never sit at the half way point front to back in your room you should sit in either 1/5 or 1/3 increments so that also means you shouldn't be sitting up against a rear wall or you will be sitting in a bass mode/peak.

FMW's Avatar FMW 06:55 AM 03-08-2014
My sub is placed right in the corner about 4 inches from each wall. That is actually a fairly common placement.
sdurani's Avatar sdurani 10:32 AM 03-08-2014
Depends on the sub. If it didn't have much output, I would put it in a corner to boost the bass. If the sub had plenty of output, I would put it at the centre of the screen wall (or back wall).
Jim McC's Avatar Jim McC 07:15 PM 03-08-2014
Thanks guys. I have the BIC F12 sub in our theater. It's in the corner of rear wall, about 6" from rear wall and side wall.

What's the main benefit of using 2 subs? My room is only 13' X 17'.
sdurani's Avatar sdurani 01:15 AM 03-09-2014
Two subs, properly placed, can results in smoother bass AND greater consistency from seat to seat.
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