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Mediafan22's Avatar Mediafan22 03:50 PM 03-30-2014

hello i am new and i want to build my first home thater that with be high quality hi fi decent system. 

i read. the system will be in the salon i want little but good system. for watching movies HD movies and songs

this is what i came up with:


Cd Player (source)- OPPO BDP-103

Speakers- KEFF LS50

Receiver- Yamaha RX-V775

Subwoofer- SVS PB-1000


what do you say is everything good the speakrs will be only 2.1 i dont want 5 speakers.

is the sub speakers and all gear match toghter?

Mediafan22's Avatar Mediafan22 01:42 AM 03-31-2014


bladerunner6's Avatar bladerunner6 03:29 AM 03-31-2014
Budget room size and listening preferences?
Mediafan22's Avatar Mediafan22 07:15 AM 03-31-2014

My preferences are all types of music but mostly pop electro trans,house quite songs and clssic. i love warm and fun soundstage.

the room size in the picture:

gdhaks's Avatar gdhaks 07:34 PM 03-31-2014

I am also in the same boat ....

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