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New home construction; basement (finished) great room (64'x15'x9') home theater (24'x15'x9' section). Separate A/V cabinet behind and to the side. Platform (12'x9'x1') for prime seating (3 chair) and 36" counter (4 chair) and 8' couch on floor in front. Currently have floor Def Tech 5.2 speakers (L/R BP 2002tl-12" sub), REL T1 and 2-BPX wall. Plan is to add one set of rear speakers (TBD) to move to a 7.2 system. Projector and 130" screen to round out HT build. I understand the 5.1 track and fake 7.1 (old source material), but new 7.1 discrete channel source material is now available. New AVR's have 7.1 and 7.2 discrete channel output. My economic now (new house) do not allow purchasing new equipment to met these new sound abilities. Future setup in-wall speakers 7.2 or ???

Question: What/where to wire now (location) for the future-9.2 or 10.2 or 11.2? It's easier now to plan for the future (to a point), cost less to run wire than removing/cutting walls because basement location (no attic).

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Moving past 7.1 into 9.1/11.x/3D ObjectAudio in HT via AudysseyDSX/DolbyPLIIz/DTS Neo:X™/Auro-3D
[edit March-15-2014, added Auro-3D to title, as I'll be doing this in future..Dolby Atmos/DTS-UHD™ have not made clear their Home Theater strategy - yet]
I'm sure many here have built their Dedicated Home Theater to 7.1 (or 5.1) surround sound, did nice job pre-routing the speaker wire's in wall for integrated look, and lived with it for a few years.

And now with Audyssey DSX and its competition Dolby Pro Logic IIz / DTS Neo:X™ in the market for a few years, some of you are like me and considering "upgrade" time.

Audyssey visual:

This visual from my Denon 4520CI manual, makes it easier to grasp all the 7.1/9.1/11.1 speaker layout.

Here is the DTS Neo:X™ visual:

Here is the Auro-3D visual:
Top Layer : Situated directly above the listener. Enhances the realism of fly-over effects by creating a bridge with the Height Layer. This combination produces an enveloping sphere or 'cocoon of sound' around the listener.
Height Layer (40° above the Lower Layer): The most important layer in the creation of immersive sound AROUND the listener. The capturing of ambient reflections in this layer allows Auro-3D® to deliver a more natural sound & improve sound source localization.
Lower Layer (0°-20°): 2D horizontal plane where ear-level source sounds are located.
Home Theater (small rooms); Auro 10.1 (+ Top Ceiling / VOG)
100% compatibility between all Auro-3D® listening formats have a Height Channel above and around the listener, which is crucial to a fully immersive experience.
This is unattainable with only a Top Layer.

Therefore this thread is for those that have already upgraded to Audyssey DSX or Dolby PL IIz / DTS Neo:X™, or plan to upgrade, and to post what they did or will do;
-decision methods used to determine which route to take; "wide" or "height" or both.
-hiding new un-planned speaker cables; I'm guessing most will not route thru walls rather try and hide them "creatively", so I'd like to see that
-hanging un-planned speakers; brackets used DIY vs already made ones
-While not focusing on the New AVR planning and buying phase, if also decision on Ext amp then location and integration of that into your already planned rack/media area
-Acoustic treatment considerations

and.....frank assessment of that...simply was it "worth it" :
-did the "experience" improve in your viewpoint, also your wife/sig/kids viewpoint

My HT, done in 2008, has 7.1 via Denon 4308CI, and now I'm shortly buying the new Denon 4520CI and going at least 9.1, possibly 11.1

There are threads on DSX and PL IIz / DTS Neo:X™ in the "Receivers, AMPs, and Processors forum" , so I don't want to duplicate those, rather add to them from the construction viewpoint then impressions captured also.
[edit 10/30/2012]
I'll be posting my DSX questions in the "Official" Audyssey thread, http://www.avsforum.com/t/795421/official-audyssey-thread-faq-in-post-1/57240#post_22539710
[edit 11/25/2012]
Denon 4520CI owners manual speaker layout visual added, info on DTS Neo:X added

[edit Nov-8-2013] added final room picture

and final room layout
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I give you information, now you need to study and decide your strategy....please include acoustic analysis and treatments in your HT plan also.....and multiple subs at multiple locations for good response at your multiple seating positions and rows....

and start a build thread in the construction forum also, have fun with it all.
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Hire a professional consultant with credentials. Costs a little now, can save a big expensive mistake later. Their guidance is more trustworthy than a forum, which might be important when real money is involved.
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