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drivermacias 12:43 AM 08-07-2014
Quick question, I have a short hdmi cable running from my cable box to my avr but the picture stutters sometimes, I know hdmi either works or it doesn't but they cables I have on it were the ones that came with my tv wall mount so I want to upgrade them. I only need about 2 feet of hdmi. Should I go with the BJC Belden Series-FE HDMI Cable or 3ft 10.2Gbps Ultra Slim Series High Performance HDMI® Cable w/ RedMere® Technology? Or do you suggest something else? The redmere tech looks pretty cool although I'm not running too long of a cable so I doubt it'll do anything for me and the BJC says its great for long distances so I wonder if it should be good for short as well? I'll eventually change the cable I have running from the TV to the avr (arc-out) because I believe I have a Bell'o hdmi now and I'm not sure if those are giving me a good signal. That would only be a 8-10ft run as well.

I don't want to start a huge debate on cables just your thought.

Ratman's Avatar Ratman 07:08 AM 08-07-2014
jake9's Avatar jake9 09:12 AM 08-07-2014
I'm sure the BJC ones are nice (I use their speaker cables and some others). But I use the regular Monoprice HDMI cables like the one posted above and have had zero issues.
Speedskater's Avatar Speedskater 12:23 PM 08-07-2014
Without getting into the differences between this cable and that cable, I support Blue Jeans Cable. Why? because BJC brings the highest quality cable to the market and because Kurt Denke works hard to make real cable information more available.
Glimmie's Avatar Glimmie 12:24 PM 08-07-2014
Stay away from any active HDMI cable like the Redmere if under 25 feet. Active cables often cause more problems than a simple raw cable.

I run a generic 50 foot to my projector and have never had a problem at 1080P/60 although I do acknowledge not everybody has the same luck at 50 feet. But for 10 feet, any certified cable will work just fine.

In addition if your picture is clean and not full of white specs and does not drop out while viewing, it's as good as it gets with picture quality. No HDMI cable is going to give you subtle improvements in image quality such as "richer colors" or "deeper blacks". It's impossible for that to happen with HDMI signal transmission.
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