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Chris Dotur's Avatar Chris Dotur 10:19 PM 09-12-2011
Like every year, this one was very enjoyable. For me, the jazz players was my favorite, and made this my favorite since the performing arts center in Denver back in.... 2006? Great party location, would choose again. I met some great people this year, with promising chances for future business, or just creating great home theaters for people.

Yet again, BIG thanks to the sponsors, and of course the Botts, who are such fantastic hosts. Great job, guys.

David Bott's Avatar David Bott 05:51 PM 09-19-2011
Welcome Chris.
REW's Avatar REW 01:20 PM 09-26-2011
Congrats David and Brenda for the usual Great Big AVS Party at CEDIA!.4 sons are now in latest AVS
Tshirts.(Impressive swag.)
The Music was terrific(Chuck Berry's grandson.)I regret not getting it down on 4K RedEye camera.
The AVSers are the best people and that includes Sam Runco who was at every party including Tavern on South.The man is unstoppable.
REW's Avatar REW 05:55 AM 08-24-2012
It was a barnburner.As always.
Thanks to Brenda and David.
You always make it so special.
Now you are NEWFIES!
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