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Bob Hetherington's Avatar Bob Hetherington 04:58 PM 04-18-2012
Warpia TV Review
Mark Anderson

There are a number of WirelessHD streaming players on the market. I unleashed the WarpiaTV Wireless Edition - SWP550 with my 50 Pioneer Kuro and got somewhat mixed results.

The $199 SWP550 comprises two functions: wireless streaming of video from a PC to TV and a Wireless Motion Controller that behaves as a free space mouse.

The Wireless Motion Controller (an OEM version of the hillcrest labs Scoop remote control) consists of a USB receiver for the PC and the handheld motion controller itself. The streaming is accomplished by a base station that connects to the TV via HDMI and has a USB port for the wireless receiver. The wireless transmitter plugs into a USB port on the PC. Warpia also provide a re-branded version of the Kylo internet browser, which is specifically designed for a lean-back experience.

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