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David Bott's Avatar David Bott 08:21 AM 07-23-2012

Ok, seeing we are right around the corner from the 2012 Olympic Games, we thought we would ask this fun question.

If Home Theater was in the Olympics....What would the games be?

Yeah, yeah, we know, sounds lame and would never happen, but come on, we could always dream. So what could some of the games be? I bet some of you could come up with some good ones.

I will be happy to start...

Video Throw Distance

You score points for each screen size and distance you can "properly" light up per an agreed upon set standard.

I would like to suggest Joel Silver, of Imaging Science Foundation, as the team coach. smile.gif


BeeMan458's Avatar BeeMan458 10:41 AM 07-23-2012
Obviously, there has to be a dB sound challenge as to who can raise the SPL level the most, with the least amount of watts used.
FestusGandhi's Avatar FestusGandhi 10:47 AM 07-23-2012
Cool idea, David! I'll trow out the first hammer:

Sub Bass Clean and Press

Score points for: lowest frequencies with least amount of distortion; volume at lowest frequencies; articulation and richness.

Other speaker categories might have to be judged more like figure skating because they can be fairly judged only in qualitative terms.
BMLocal175's Avatar BMLocal175 11:23 AM 07-23-2012
Find the Harmony One Remote in a couch then its a family relay handing the remote off like a baton jumping over coffee tables to the finish.
WagBoss's Avatar WagBoss 11:35 AM 07-23-2012
who can cause their house to collapse first by blasting subwoofers while watching movies
popalock's Avatar popalock 12:07 PM 07-23-2012
Sub ball bearing vertical challenge.

Small 1lb ball bearing placed in the center of sub resting free air on the ground. Feed the sub a 240V wall socket for a burst of power.
Highest achieved vertical wins.

Must be all commercially available or mass produced subs available to the public. Performance enhancing coils and/or other aftermarket components would bring shame to the host country...

Wonder if most competitors would in fact be from China?
IwantmyTHX's Avatar IwantmyTHX 12:11 PM 07-23-2012
Advanced Denon Receiver setup. Best time to set up a 7.1 surround system, including renaming and level matching inputs. Would probably work across most if not all brands but I have experience with Denon.
cgmv123's Avatar cgmv123 12:17 PM 07-23-2012
  • Build with the shortest amount of cable used
  • Highest speaker output power per amp ratio
  • Solar power challenge

stevenjw's Avatar stevenjw 12:19 PM 07-23-2012
I'd definitely try out for the long distance marathon! Wonder how many days can I park my rear in my HT recliner with minimal breaks? I've done extended LOTR trilogy, but that's nothing. Think I could get through entire collection of Lost, BSG, or X-Files. Avoiding nodding off is the challenge.
Manic1!'s Avatar Manic1! 12:47 PM 07-23-2012
Speed install/set up. Competitors walk into a room with a bunch of equipment and have to install it. The first person to have a HT up and running wins.
bfreedma's Avatar bfreedma 12:52 PM 07-23-2012
Subwoofer shotput.

Closest landing to the sweet spot- sub tossed while sitting at the MLP.

Let's see those guys schlep around a 150lb sealed sub eek.gif
tlogan6797's Avatar tlogan6797 01:19 PM 07-23-2012
Just few that come to mind....

1. Green Glue Squirt. Who can suck up Green Glue from a bucket using the approved applicator and squirt the most by volume, weight and distance within an allotted time? An accuracy component for scoring is being considered for 2016.
2. Framing Fix. Who can frame a wall, have it "judged" (inspected) to be inadequate, tear it down and rebuild it the fastest?This event is, of course, open to interpretation by the "judges," particularly the Russian and French Judges.
C. Don't Shoot Yourself In the Foot Competition. Who can run in the most 16d nails with a framing nailer without shooting themselves in the foot. Nails to the head score extra points and nails through the roof of your mouth earn triple points. Nails in the hand are minus points (too easy to try to run up a score).
4. Is it live? Touch the black wire and find out! Loads of laughs (Oops, I mean EXCITEMENT) seeing who jumps the highest!
5. Post It Marathon. Who can post the most repeated questions without searching the forums first? This event is being considered for replacement in 2016 by the Head Slapping contest.
dolphinc's Avatar dolphinc 01:37 PM 07-23-2012
Fishing cables down a wall challenge.
stlacmilanfan's Avatar stlacmilanfan 01:50 PM 07-23-2012
How about brightness in cost range. How about most depth in a 3d vgideo. Best lag input for video games. All spilt by cost cause we all know a 70000 dollard projector would beat the stuff I can afford. Best home made screen
ADDUpstate's Avatar ADDUpstate 01:59 PM 07-23-2012
Bad Blu Ray Discus
taxman48's Avatar taxman48 02:05 PM 07-23-2012
Most kinds of beer in the fridge..tongue.gif
Mr.Tim's Avatar Mr.Tim 03:52 PM 07-23-2012
Most construction completed before wife realizes what you are doing.
MikeArms24's Avatar MikeArms24 03:53 PM 07-23-2012
How about a heptathlon: Black levels, lumens, 3d ghosting, contrast ratio, picture size, response time, refresh rate
Seth89's Avatar Seth89 07:26 PM 07-23-2012
How about a speaker tossing contest?
So for example people from Sweden would have to toss a Genelec and someone from Britain would have to toss a B&W.... Some American dude tossing a Polk...

Be awesome!
Jindrak's Avatar Jindrak 08:14 PM 07-23-2012
Originally Posted by BeeMan458 View Post

Obviously, there has to be a dB sound challenge as to who can raise the SPL level the most, with the least amount of watts used.

There would be no contest for this. Danley would win. They would also win in the category of making the heaviest cabinets in the world relative for their size.
nateo200's Avatar nateo200 09:58 PM 07-23-2012
Best multichannel soundtrack created in X amount of time with a X concept in mind. Categories would include Best Dolby Surround mix, Best 2.1 mix, Best 4.0 (Quad) mix, best 5.1 mix, Best 6.1 mix, Best 7.1 mix. Oh yeah and the sample rate would have to be 48khz with a bit depth of 16 biggrin.gif Audiophiles would cringe. The final would be burned onto a Blu-ray disc in DTS-HD High Resolution (not master audio) with the lowest bit rate set (2046kbps). Oh this would be a nerds joy AND it would probably shock allot of people, er I mean audiophiles who need everything lossless (nothing against lossless but Im all for a lossy track that sounds great than a PCM track that sounds crap, IE: We Were Soldiers DTS-ES Discrete 6.1 vs Delta Farce or Dirty Dancing's original 7.1 PCM track :O)

Fastest Home Theater Setup graded on quality. You'd have 30 minutes to set the systems up, calibrate, etc. It would be tested using Tron Legacy, Super 8 and other epic 7.1 master pieces.
tkmedia2's Avatar tkmedia2 10:13 PM 07-23-2012
Scheimpflug challenge
MovieSwede's Avatar MovieSwede 11:46 PM 07-23-2012
Find a good movie within 5 hours.
Mark_H's Avatar Mark_H 01:32 AM 07-24-2012
CRT Put (shot put): See who can "put" their beast of a CRT projector the farthest from a standing position.
popalock's Avatar popalock 04:38 AM 07-24-2012
Just re-read the title.

HT Building in the Olympics...

Ummm, how about this.

Choose a very high end speaker design (think something like Focal Grand Utopia or anything else ridiculous from here).

5 Man teams.
Set timeline (i.e. - 3 Days or other depending on complexitity) to complete as much of the build as they can.

Teams judged on:

Build Accuracy (as close to the original copy as possible)
Audio Accuracy (as close to the original copy as possible) (i.e. - use the OEM as left speaker and built speaker as right in a 2 channel setup and have judges assess)
Build Cost (lowest cost wins)

Obviously this wouldn't be a non-stop action packed thriller 100% of the time, but as with all of the other build shows out there, the highlights could be edited into making a pretty entertaining segment...
David Bott's Avatar David Bott 07:18 AM 07-24-2012
Originally Posted by popalock View Post

Just re-read the title.
HT Building in the Olympics...

Yeah, bad choice of words on my part I guess, but it's all in fun. smile.gif (Title now edited.)
thrang's Avatar thrang 05:08 PM 07-24-2012
DVD skeet shooting...
nateo200's Avatar nateo200 11:55 PM 07-24-2012
Blu-ray disc ring toss. Dont worry we'll round up all the non-TrueHD Superman, non-remastered 5th Element Blu-ray discs so it won't hurt as much biggrin.gif
larryep's Avatar larryep 02:00 PM 07-25-2012
To build the most unsafe chair and sit in it. Just to get the feel of the risers that haven't been built yet!

David Bott's Avatar David Bott 02:15 PM 07-25-2012
Originally Posted by larryep View Post

To build the most unsafe chair and sit in it. Just to get the feel of the risers that haven't been built yet!

Ok, that was just funny and maybe should have also been submitted to what was your worst build mistake. wink.gif
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