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Texican74's Avatar Texican74 11:40 PM 10-05-2012
What's a Darbee Darblet?

cdub5's Avatar cdub5 11:41 PM 10-05-2012
Can't wait to win this... fingers crossed
Deltron75ARK's Avatar Deltron75ARK 11:43 PM 10-05-2012
Wow I'd love to win one of these. If it claims to do all it can do I must have it.

Thanks for the contest!
sterlingma1's Avatar sterlingma1 11:50 PM 10-05-2012
Thanks for chance
Pootzwacke's Avatar Pootzwacke 11:51 PM 10-05-2012
Seems like nearly everyone loves their units! I'm in...
truckee_tango's Avatar truckee_tango 11:58 PM 10-05-2012
count me in!
StudioApt HT's Avatar StudioApt HT 12:03 AM 10-06-2012
Oh, anything to make my system shine! thank you!
Rattydog's Avatar Rattydog 12:05 AM 10-06-2012
Let it be my turn to win!!!
edshen's Avatar edshen 12:08 AM 10-06-2012
Pick me please.
eolsenx's Avatar eolsenx 12:09 AM 10-06-2012
Looks nice!
PGDave's Avatar PGDave 12:23 AM 10-06-2012
Hope I win!
imaChaser's Avatar imaChaser 12:36 AM 10-06-2012
I'm in!
jsil 12:36 AM 10-06-2012
I'm in and now it's my turn to win. biggrin.gif
misko's Avatar misko 12:42 AM 10-06-2012
kont's Avatar kont 12:44 AM 10-06-2012
i want one of these!!
Modeski's Avatar Modeski 12:45 AM 10-06-2012
Awesome would love one of these.
Mike DuDomaine's Avatar Mike DuDomaine 12:49 AM 10-06-2012
Thanks all
nchen's Avatar nchen 12:49 AM 10-06-2012
The odds of winning keep getting smaller!!!! Here's my entry!
blb1274's Avatar blb1274 01:02 AM 10-06-2012
I must have the Darbee!
shreddir's Avatar shreddir 01:02 AM 10-06-2012
Dunno what good this is since I don't have a monitor with HDMI ports, somebody have a Dell UltraSharp U2712M IPT monitor they can give me?rolleyes.gif
piasano's Avatar piasano 01:02 AM 10-06-2012
I'll give it a shot, hope I win.
buergi's Avatar buergi 01:12 AM 10-06-2012
Great, I'll write my PhD thesis in the field of computational photography, so I'm heavily interested in getting my hands on one of them. Hope luck is on my side.
DeadEd's Avatar DeadEd 01:52 AM 10-06-2012
Cool, I've been eyeing this gadget.
yaronkle's Avatar yaronkle 01:54 AM 10-06-2012
I'm in...

Please add me to the lottery.
Virginia1985's Avatar Virginia1985 01:57 AM 10-06-2012
I'm in
rgeisel's Avatar rgeisel 02:09 AM 10-06-2012
I will accept a DD.
racer69's Avatar racer69 02:23 AM 10-06-2012
neat device would like to try it since most of my movies are bt downloads...not as good quality so this could help!
SiggUA's Avatar SiggUA 02:38 AM 10-06-2012
If I don't win, I will have to buy one...
Mohankumar009's Avatar Mohankumar009 02:44 AM 10-06-2012
I Want a Darblet to compliment my ONKYO TX NR 5010!!

Sony 65HX929
B & W CM Home Theatre System
Ajay p's Avatar Ajay p 02:48 AM 10-06-2012
I have a friend with the epson 9000W, which the same as mine, and he always boasts about how much better his picture quality is over mine as he has the Darby Darblet. Would be great to win one so I can shut him up. Thanks for competition
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