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Daniel Chaves's Avatar Daniel Chaves 04:23 PM 10-23-2012
congrats to the winners

p5browne's Avatar p5browne 05:38 PM 10-23-2012
Congrats to the winners, but it ain't going to make the wife happy! Come to think of it, she's never happy!
BornSlippyZ's Avatar BornSlippyZ 05:49 PM 10-23-2012
Wow, two winners! Congrats!
Dr. Spankenstein's Avatar Dr. Spankenstein 01:23 PM 10-24-2012
Awesome, guys! Enjoy!
Johnny14o's Avatar Johnny14o 02:17 PM 10-24-2012
Congratz to the winners!

Let us all know what you hook it up to and what your opinion is of the Darblet!
romero1330's Avatar romero1330 08:01 PM 10-25-2012
Congratulations to the winners! Awesome!
Taranteacher's Avatar Taranteacher 08:51 AM 11-13-2012
Cheers! cool.gif
mlogan24's Avatar mlogan24 09:44 AM 11-18-2012
vivatech's Avatar vivatech 01:27 PM 11-28-2012
Can't remember if I posted yet...
Slapster4159's Avatar Slapster4159 09:25 AM 10-22-2014
What are the chances that I find this on 10/22/14? I was all excited for a few minutes and then realized I am exactly 2 years late.
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