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I never go to the movie theater 67 23.93%
1-30% of the movies I watch at home, I've seen in a theater 156 55.71%
31-60% of the movies I watch at home, I've seen in a theater 31 11.07%
61-80% of the movies I watch at home, I've seen in a theater 16 5.71%
Nearly all the movies I watch at home, I've seen in a theater 10 3.57%
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Originally Posted by bd2003 View Post

I usually only go to the theater for a highly anticipated movie, one that I just can't wait to see. My desire to see the movie has to overcome my aversion towards the public theater experience. Crackling bags and the constant crunch of popcorn, teenagers who can't keep their mouths closed and their cell phones off, seating that's the luck of the draw, and all too often a less than stellar A/V experience. At home, everything is on my terms, I can even pause it if I need to. A good home theater often surpasses the A/V experience you get at the public theaters.

What he said.....

I voted 1-30%, but would have selected "I almost never go..." if that was available. I do go to see the big ones in IMAX 3D like The Hobbit, Star Trek into Darkness, Avatar, etc. since that's better quality than my HT and mines pretty damn good. I'll probably go more this year than in years past since there seems to be a lot more SciFi to see. For example, beside ST:2, I saw Oblivion and will probably go see Elysium, Ender's Game, WWZ, Europa Report, Gravity, and the Hobbit 2. The trailers and reviews look too good for these to wait. That's a lot more in theater than I've seen in a long time, but it's also more original SciFi than has been released in a very long time too and I want to support the Studios so that they keep making quality new ones instead of retreads. I'll save those (IronMan 3, Thor 2, Man of Steel, Riddick) and others (Pacific Rim) for the HT only.

"Opinions are like orgasms… mine matters most and I really don’t care if you have one."
My HT gear
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I always go to the theater, usually opening weekend, (can't wait around to see what happened to Kirk & Spock until the Blu-ray comes out)....and I have a home theater that's been featured in "HomeTheater". Nothing like a nice IMAX presentation, and I even like going to the FauxMAX (IMAX-lite) conventional ones. Even have one of those memberships where you get free tickets, popcorn, soda, etc. Just had too many years of enjoying the big screen prior to the home theater construction. Love using the home theater for sports, TV, older movies, and an occasional Blu-ray of a movie I really liked.
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nearly all of the movie that i have owned on VHS, DVD, digital copy, bluray, and on dvr i've seen at a movie theater, starting with Snow White and the Seven Dwarves during the mid to late 1980s, up to preordering Star Trek Into Darkness 3D edition. Back then, the movie theater experience was unforgettable and was worth the money to go see. Nowadays, advancements in home theater technology have made going to the movies a rarity. Blame it on cellphones, talking, smells, blurry picture, bad sound, people walking around you, and the price. Not only that, but you can't ask the projector to stop the movie when you go to the bathroom (my suggestion is go see a movie with another person so that he/she can tell you what he missed so that person can see it on bluray). The home theater experience has changed the way people see movies, just as television forced people to stay home and watch movies and tv shows. This is also true for sporting events. The picture and sound quality are much better than the movie theater, and thanks to streaming technology it comes to you fast.
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Originally Posted by AVTrauma View Post

Last film in a theater... The Hobbit with Dolby ATMOS and HFR... And that is the primary reason I went (with my 14 year old daughter). Thought I would go to see Life of Pi, Star Trek darkness, & Ironman 3 in a theater... hasn't worked out that way. The visual spectacle is the overriding reason for me to put up with all the baggage that comes with the theater experience. Wish I had the funds and space for a projector! Big screen HDTV's are great, but a 50 foot screen still has it's appeal. I'm thinking that "Gravity" might pry me off the couch and to Cinatopia to experience that on the big screen (with Dolby ATMOS)... And their "Living Room" presentations don't seem to have as many obnoxious movie goers. Still, the family only goes to 2 - 3 movies at a theater each year. Loving the Blu-Ray releases shortly after (even sometimes before!) the movie leaves the theaters!

I like the Cinetopia GXL screen and saw the Atmos/hfr Hobbit as well with my 14 year old daughter as well. My kids like the theater experience and most movies I see are for them. Every now and then I can get in a me movie but the AV, even at Cinetopia, in Atmos, does not have the impact of my home system - overall. I have a couple theaters within three miles of my house but I would rather wait for the blu unless it is something that really excites me. We saw EPIC the other day for my kids, and even though the room was half full, we still managed to have issues all around us throughout the movie. Not enough to ruin the movie but enough to make us all look at each other, periodically, with a "REALLY" look on our face - even from my seven year old. I don't understand why parents can't train their kids how to behave, and why teens and adults can't control themselves in a public theater...

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Originally Posted by imagic View Post

Re: "Blowing away the sound in any home theater"... With Dolby Atmos that's a (kind of) a true statement because home-based systems don't have that capability. However, high-end home theater can beat any auditorium in the audio department. Since many Blu-ray discs have the exact same uncompressed sound that theaters use, there is zero compromise. My own system outperforms auditoriums, the power vs. room volume equation is in my favor, and often is in high-end home theater. Some folks I know have as much or more power and subwoofer displacement in their basement as you'll find in a digital IMAX auditorium.

I work for the architects that build movie theaters for Regal. I don't see how any one city would have "better" auditoriums than any another. Most new theaters are built to be comfortable, feature the latest projection gear, and offer good viewing angles. For a few bucks extra, "premium" auditoriums offer enhanced sound and brighter screens. That's everywhere.

This theater in Hartford, CT proudly shows off the digital control room
Photo ©2012 by Mark Henninger

It's certainly not "urban America" that's the issue, if anything the best theaters I've been to, have consistently been in city centers, and some of the worst have been at suburban malls. Here's an outstanding auditorium in Newark, NJ

Inside the "Shaq-plex"
Photo ©2012 by Mark Henninger

In case you were wondering, Shaq is from Newark
Photo ©2012 by Mark Henninger

I think that once a person makes an investment in a home theater, it becomes much harder to tolerate movie theater crowds—or any other part of the experience.

IMAX auditoriums seem to be the exception. People still treat an IMAX screening as an "event" and not just another teenage basement hangout. The screen is clean, the system is calibrated... it's worth the extra money.

The main thing that ruins it for me, regarding movie theaters—they are a popular place to bring kids, and for teenagers to hang out. Of course there are boring movies that attract a respectful crowd, and most larger cities have at least a few "art house" cinemas to choose from, where unruly behavior is actually frowned upon. Going to a suburban theater to see a popular movie, that's not on my agenda—never again. Home theater took care of that.

Hello imagic. I want to set things straight that mixes in cinemas and mixes on Bluray are not the exact same mix. Almost every single theatrical mix is remixed for home in a near-field mix. That is the original mix is done on a real commercial cinema setup in a studio and then the near-field mix is created for Bluray on smaller monitors similar to a small home theater. Over at the forums they talk about this all the time and this is coming straight from the mouths of the guys who mix for Warner Bros and Universal and the like. Many theater owners have there own screening rooms built using commercial equipment and they have access to the original DCI movie mix and they compare to Bluray release all the time and usually the biggest difference is dynamics and not as much reduction of dialouge volume and other adjustments made. These are real cinema owners and real audio techs from the industry making these claims. For the record though I do love the way Blurays sound with umcompressed audio mixes for the most part. Some I do not/

JBL Pro Cinema/PSA&HSU subs/Crown power/Sony SXRD
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I currently have 2 theaters near me running Dolby Atmos (I'm in Phoenix), and I rarely see movies that are not mixed for it.
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I voted 1-30% and avoid public theaters whenever I can.
Got tired of the teens and their cell phones, all the 'glowing screens' throughout the theater, people talking, or kicking my seat...
...then when the lights come up at the end, everyone's left their crap behind!
(Don't people take their trash out with them anymore? - who raises these selfish inconsiderate characters???).

So, no, I avoid it when I can...

The Insane Pink Care Bear's Home Theater Set Up:

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I voted in the 31-60% range. If I can't wait to see a recent movie I go to theater. But the experience is better at home with my hmz-t1 (3D is simply amazing), also I can see the movie in VO (I'm French)
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I've waited this long to see in a theater, I can wait a couple of months for the BD...I voted NEVER go to the theater... wink.gif
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If I have a free ticket from "movie cash" type of promotions then I will go to a theater.

Except... sometimes not even then.

My local theaters are very bad. They don't even have sloped floors for the seating. So, they mount the screen very high and you have to look up.

I saw Skyfall using a free promotion and I think the movie I last saw in the theater before that was Avatar. For Avatar a group of friends drove for an hour and half to a town with a much nicer theater.

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I haven't been to a commercial cunema in over 6 years, maybe more and have no desire to do so again. I used to love the experience as a kid, but inconsiderate b'stards talking, especially on cell phones and the generally poor video and sound leaves me completely disinterested, especially for the cost. I can better the experience in every way at home and often for less money if I wait a while and buy the BR some time after it's released. I prefer to watch a big release later so that the hype about it has subsided and I feel I can judge it better then on it's own merits.
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The way the question is worded, I took it as seeing a movie in a theater, and later viewing it at home.

I actually almost never do that. In fact, as someone who rarely goes to the theater, I've only watched 3 movies at home that I watched earlier at a theater out of maybe 15 I went out to see in the last 30 years. Those were Star Wars, ET and the 1989 Batman. The rest I saw I had no desire to see again. The ones I either bought, rented or streamed at home I didn't see out in a theater.
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I voted 1-30%
I go to the theater about once every other month on average... The last several times I went to the local theater have been an annoying at best experience.
Here's a tip for those that like to eat candy. When the theater is only 1/3 full, please try to find a seat that isn't directly behind people. If you have no choice. OPEN UP YOUR CANDY BEFORE THE MOVIE STARTS...!!! PLEASE...! Please don't shake the box of candy every time you take a bit. If your going to smuggle treats into the theater, see the above tip. Try a plastic zip-lock bag or something... ANYTHING other than a brown paper bag.
If your gonna sit behind someone, DON"T KICK THE SEAT IN FRONT OF YOU...!!!
I have to admit, I don't see cell phones as often as I do. The theaters I've been in enforce cell phone usage fairly well. But people continue to find other ways to annoy.

Domino's donÂt fall all at once, they fall one at a time...
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I admit I do love a great movie in a movie theater but alas, I have not gone to the movies for a long long long time.

What drove me away from watching movies first run were a few things -

1) idiot projectionists who would not adjust the sound for full and near empty seats (volume should be lowered for emptier theaters) and thus ear bleeding loud would make myself and a few others leave to protect our ears.
2) idiots who cannot shut up during the films and talk continuously or burst into very loud laughter at the smallest of humour.
3) theaters that are not kept clean and tired of having to sit and put my feet into sticky messes
4) idiot parents who bring toddlers and young kids who can't sit still or shut up while watching films that are not designed for a child audience.

The above happened over the last several years and I am very thankful that I have at home a 65" plasma, respectable sound system, blu ray player and also streaming. I would much rather go to a good movie showing in a theater first to get all the goodness of the real deal but the trade off from my list leaves me happy to be at home renting or buying blu rays.

When I think of great times at movie houses - 2001 Space O, Star Wars first run, Raiders of the Lost Ark first run and more.... They deserve a good size screen and it is a shame that so many of my friends and myself wont get the opportunity in my area to watch films without the issues from above.

Many years ago I worked at an art house theater and later managed a 2nd run theater. We were extremely concerned with providing the best experience we could for any audience. Those days are gone for most theaters whether showing older movies or new releases.
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I go about 3/4 times a year and usually for tentpole movies.

I had to see The Hobbit in Dolby Atmos/48fps and it was worth it. I kept meaning to see the latest GI Joe (my son wanted to do) but the time we got to it, it had moved from the main screens in our cineplex to a smaller one. That was shown in film(!) and presumably Dolby Digital cinema sound where they encode the audio between the sprocket holes in the film. Still apart from the occasional dust fleck or scratch on the film and the telltale real change flashes, it was still a very good presentation (and the audio was fine).

The only other movies I have seen this year on the screen are Iron Man 3 (3D) and Star Trek (3D). Looking at the upcoming titles I don't plan to see any others in the theatres.
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I buy all of my Blu Ray movies for 20-35.00 each, I could care less about what happens to the commercial theater market. It costs me 22.00 + to go to a cheap ass theater anyway... no thanks, my home theater crushes silly commercial theaters.

However, I will never buy overcompressed downloads.
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Originally Posted by Health Nut View Post

I buy all of my Blu Ray movies for 20-35.00 each, I could care less about what happens to the commercial theater market. It costs me 22.00 + to go to a cheap ass theater anyway... no thanks, my home theater crushes silly commercial theaters.

However, I will never buy overcompressed downloads.
I stopped buying movies, because of the costs of them, and that the fact that majority are available on streaming sites like Amazon, Vudu, Netflix, etc..
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Since getting my new speakers, my wife and I almost never go out to the movies for the same reasons that everyone else has said (picture and audio quality, people talking, cost, etc). Every once in a while, though, we will both take a half-day at work and go to a 12/1230 showing of a movie in the middle of the work week. Last one we saw was Argo a few weeks after it was released on a Wednesday right at noon. No one else was in the theater and we brought in our own snacks. It was great.
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Originally Posted by gregzoll View Post

I stopped buying movies, because of the costs of them, and that the fact that majority are available on streaming sites like Amazon, Vudu, Netflix, etc..

I agree about buying movies, current releases, anyway. I rent on Netflix. Streaming is nowhere near the quality I want... yet. It'll get there I'm sure. But I like to sit at 1 sw for 2.35 movies and streaming is just "yuck"!
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Voted 31-60% but wish I went more often. The whole going to the movies experience has become something very dear to us. If it's just my wife and I, we love the fact that we're doing something together, and this is something that takes us back to when we were dating. If it's with the kids, we always get the most expensive showings possible, i.e. IMAX 3D, motion-effects-theaters, mega-screens, the lot, and believe me, the kids love it too. I'm not saying I'll never complain, because I do (about all the little things others have greatly expounded upon), but to us the pros way-overweigh the cons usually. This year we've gone to see Oz, Croods, Oblivion, Iron Man 3, Trek 2, Fast 6, Epic, and there's a lot more we've missed and are dying to go to see, especially Man of Steel IMAX 3D (going this weekend)...

I fully support the movie-going experience and would be happy to influence anybody to join in. Yes...

Long live CINEMA! cool.gif
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Thanks All. Poll now closed.

David Bott
Founder - AVSForum

DISCLAIMER: All spelling and grammatical errors done on purpose for the proofreadingly challenged...:)

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