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WranglerVinny's Avatar WranglerVinny 12:46 PM 05-26-2014

Hello... professional video editor... photographer... camera operator... pre-production, field production, post production, any production you name it... I did it at one time or another. I have always had a love for movies.  My home theater consist of the following...


60" Panasonic Viera ST60 plasma... love it!

PS4 as my gaming and Blu-ray

Onkyo TX-SR606 (yes I had to fix the HDMI capacitors) set up with 5.1 sound

Mirage Nanosat L,R,LB,RB,S and Polk Audio center channel.


Oh... and I love Jeeps.

StuDG's Avatar StuDG 05:02 PM 05-26-2014

Hello Scott and everyone. I am not much of a forum guy but found this one and discovered how informative it is. I stumbled upon it as I was doing research on the Samsung UN65HU9000 4K UHD 3D curved TV. I am now the proud owner of one and just got it installed. Now I yearn for knowledge & tips on optimizing the display quality.


Since my entire 36 year professional career has been in IT, I also love computers, servers, etc.

Another passion is continually learning about technology, tips, and experiences with setting up infrastructure that allows for music and video streaming.


Thank you for allowing me to join this group. I'm anxious to share my experiences and learn from others as well.


StefanG23's Avatar StefanG23 07:41 PM 05-26-2014

Hi all, new forum member.  Designing the pre-wiring for what will be a home theatre in a spec house that is being built, so just trying to learn as much as I can about home theatre design, layout, etc.


Will spend the next couple of days viewing forum discussions and then will post a sketch and ask for some constructive feedback on my design.


Thanks in advance, Stefan.

devinL11's Avatar devinL11 09:06 PM 05-26-2014
Hello everyone, I have been building my own home theater over the past 6 months, it has turned out to be one of my favorite projects to work on, and I am now in need to some advice and this seems to be the best place to find it. Looking forward to hearing from you all.
azcatsfan15's Avatar azcatsfan15 09:51 PM 05-26-2014

Hey everyone… new to boards and glad to be here and hopefully add some points and information to the boards.  



Thank you :) 

BlueChris's Avatar BlueChris 12:21 AM 05-27-2014

Hi guys.. nice to meet you all


My name is Chris from Greece.


Im an IT guy but with Love to AV. I saw great info in this forum and i feel sorry that i havent spoted earlier.


Im glad im here..



MyMitsubishiDLP's Avatar MyMitsubishiDLP 02:55 PM 05-27-2014

Hello everyone, I'm George.  Retired Disabled USAF Vet who volunteered (enlisted) in 1972 and served in Desert Shield/Storm.  Been out a while now (since 1995) and currently own a Mitsubishi WD-65735 DLP TV.  I just had the white dot issue fixed for free by Mitsubishi, they covered the chip, labor, and had the tech come to my home to do the job (about 30 minutes total).  Very happy with the AWESOME 65" crystal clear and sharp image that its had for almost 5 years now (minus those bugs and white dots).  Thanks for having the forum, it has been invaluable in finding the fix, and free resolution, with Mitsubishi!

AndyPR's Avatar AndyPR 03:16 PM 05-27-2014

Hi, sorry for my bad english. I'm here to share my love for home theater system and my knowledge!

Please feel free to ask me everything, I'll try to answer the best I can!



magicc8ball's Avatar magicc8ball 04:18 PM 05-27-2014

Hey Everyone,


I am here cause I love amazing sound and wanted to become part of a community so I can learn from and also share what little knowledge I have in the AV world. 


Last year I bought an Yamaha Aventage 720 Receiver to replace my old RX-320 I believe it was. Now I am looking into setting up a true 5.1 system and replace my 2 Polk R-50 floor standers.  I will be listening to some music on these but mainly for movies. I am A HUGE Star Wars Fan :). Thanks for creating this community and I am sure I will be getting to know you all as time goes on. 

mchigantvfan's Avatar mchigantvfan 04:33 PM 05-27-2014
Hey all! Thanks for having me and for such great advice! Love this place. smile.gif
r1gg5's Avatar r1gg5 09:16 PM 05-27-2014

Just wanted to pop in and say hi.  I look forward to the wealth of info here!  Hopefully I can get some help building my new Home Theater!

LDizzle's Avatar LDizzle 09:46 PM 05-27-2014
What's up AVS'ers, Ldizzle in the hizouse! Umm seriously though, hello one & all.

I'm a bit late to this party considering I've been a member for months now but just noticed this welcome thread.😳

I'm a born music lover & was bit by the audio/ home theater bug after seeing Jurassic Park in dts when I was 15...been hooked ever since!

Right now I'm the proud owner of an amateur grade low budget dedicated theater room.

At some undetermined point in the future I hope to piece together a very high quality system & perhaps move up to a professional grade theater design.

My system is mentioned in a few of my other posts.
Kisl3v's Avatar Kisl3v 03:04 AM 05-28-2014

hello all 

i'm italian and i'm waiting the sony  55'x9005b .. tomorrow it will be come in my house :D 

ftateche's Avatar ftateche 11:19 AM 05-29-2014

Hello, I am joining AVS because sometimes I read a message that I would like to post a reply to and add my 2 cents worth... I am a retired tech for avionics in the military and mail processing machines in the postal service. I enjoy free to air satellite, internet streaming devices, in home streaming over my network, and cord cutting in general. Currently, I am experimenting with HD TV Antennas. I have a Fracarro LP-345F, an HD-Stacker, a 91XG, and an original channelmaster 4228. I modified/reinforced the reflectors on both the 91XG and the CM-4228 with the addition of 1/2 inch steel mesh. That 5 dollar mod gave me added sensitivity and a better front to back ratio on each antenna. I receive TV stations from 3 markets: Fresno, Sacramento, and San Francisco. I get around 40 to 50 channels in each market area. The distance to my Fresno stations is about 70 miles, my Sacramento stations are from about 90 miles away, and the San Francisco stations are about 105 miles away. My next project is getting my best antenna over 40 feet above ground.

DinsosaurGerms's Avatar DinsosaurGerms 05:18 PM 05-29-2014

Howdy All!


I'm a long-time gamer that's obsessed with having a "cinematic" gaming experience- big TV, surround sound, etc. I'm currently looking into getting a gaming PC that also doubles as a HTPC. Everyone on this forum has been extremely helpful thus far- I think the AVS forums are a fantastic resources for novice home theater enthusiasts like myself!

Take care! :)

pascalgagne's Avatar pascalgagne 08:35 AM 05-30-2014

Good day all, just joined to get more information on the Optoma ML500.

Got a unit for free because it had issues and being a computer geek, everyone dumps their hardware at my place for me to fix and enjoy.

stevevsi's Avatar stevevsi 08:56 AM 05-30-2014

I am a home owner remodeling a bathroom  and want to install two speakers and a subwoofer that I happen to have on hand to a old Sony receiver.


I have a Sony STR-AV320 am/fm receiver with A and B speaker outputs. I connected two in wall JBL SP6C speakers to speaker A outputs (left and right). I then connected an Acoustic Audio HD-S8 in-wall subwoofer to the right channel of speaker B. When I activate both speaker A and B I receive audio out of only one of the JBL speakers and audio out of the subwoofer. I I deactivate speaker B I lose audio in the subwoofer but now both the left and right speakers connected to speaker A outputs are emitting audio. 


How do I get audio simultaneously out of the two JBL speakers and the subwoofer speaker? Thanks for any help you can offer.

Cloverleaf's Avatar Cloverleaf 03:34 AM 05-31-2014



I'm from the UK, but have enjoyed reading the forum for a while now and have learnt a lot. I'm not a techie so rely a lot on the people who know more than I do, but love AV kit and what it does. My current system comprises of:


Panasonic ZT65

Cambridge Audio 752BD

Pioneer LX55

Dual CS506

Sky + HD

Tannoy Arena 5.1

Isotek MIRA

QED Cables


The Panasonic has been professionally isf calibrated.

rmbrdaads's Avatar rmbrdaads 08:32 AM 05-31-2014

Hello All


From Philly just a newbie and about to start build a simple home theater system.

StevieP3's Avatar StevieP3 01:09 PM 05-31-2014

Hello All,

I live in Norfolk, UK and I look forward to becoming an active member of the AVS community.  I enjoy seeking information and advice on all things related to TV audio and video and sharing my experiences with technology.





Andremain's Avatar Andremain 04:49 PM 05-31-2014

Hello guys i am Andreas and i was just searching a problem of my projector and this looks like a really good site so i decided to sign up!

thewerepuppygrr's Avatar thewerepuppygrr 02:50 PM 06-01-2014
Good day from England!

I'm a movie buff with a ridiculous blu-ray collection, looking to build a nice home cinema to watch them all in. Got some great tips so far.
joaohenrique43's Avatar joaohenrique43 04:10 AM 06-02-2014

Hi all


Since a few years I search a projector, now unable to purchase an Optoma HD23, which I hope will arrive this week. 
I bought the Optoma because I think it is a good bet in 2D (I do not enjoy 3D movies) 
I am preparing my audioroom to put the projector, at this moment I'm researching which screen should I get. 
And this is what led me to join this forum. 

matacuero's Avatar matacuero 10:08 AM 06-02-2014
Hello all: i am Jorge and live in Md. Joined cause I am trying to learn how to set uo a HT in my basement on a small budget.

I just bought a sharp 70" Q +
Pioneer av vsx 1123 K
Bowers and wilkins 684s. 2 each
Bowers and wilkins center channel
Bose 301s. 2 each

This is kind os mix and match but i got some great discount on new floor model items at bestbuy.

The tv is coming this thurs and will be installed by geek squad.

I dont have 7 speakers although this receiver is a 7 channel but my area is not that big. Want to buya blue ray 3d with 4k upscaling since the tv will also be able To upscale as well. I have very very little know,edge, any recomendations or recommended readings will be welcomed. Thanks!
OffGridKindaGuy's Avatar OffGridKindaGuy 05:26 PM 06-02-2014

Hi Everyone! Thanks for the warm welcome, Scott.. I'm in the Buckeye State!


I live totally off the power grid. Have been since '89 and ain't never gonna change. My shack operates totally on 12 v.d.c.. I avoid inverters at all cost. Everything I use on a daily basis runs directly from my battery. (8 - Surrette S-600's) I have 512 watts of solar panel that serves me just fine..


I love music and speakers! I build all kinds of crazy audio stuff that operates from some kind of battery. I have tunes everywhere! In the kitchen, In the bedroom, On the porch, Portable set-up for outside, ect..XM and I yardcast with a Ramsey FM Transmitter for tunes at the fire pit..


I have an LG projector in my living room that give me a 74" screen with surround sound. DVD player (HDMI) and audio via a Jensen Motor Home head. The projector has a digital tuner connected to an antenna system. Work fine, last long time..


See ya'll around the campus..

carfanm's Avatar carfanm 06:59 PM 06-02-2014

Hi - long time reader and finally joined.  I look forward to interacting more now that I am a member.  I am mainly a 2 channel guy with interest in home theater (mainly to avoid going to the movies and paying outrageous prices for the tickets and snacks while having to put up with people taking phone calls during the movie!).  See you all around.

cokt45's Avatar cokt45 11:16 PM 06-03-2014
Hey from Charleston SC!!!! I just bought a UN65F9000 samsung and some other toys...
Scoobydoobydoo's Avatar Scoobydoobydoo 12:03 AM 06-04-2014
Hi to everyone, I just had the dreaded message 3 come up on my Samsung BD-F5100 about Cinavia !

So this is why I am here as when I searched the web this forum came up on the list as I want to find out all about it.
SGlovesSound's Avatar SGlovesSound 12:57 AM 06-04-2014

Hey guys.


I'm an intermittent audiophile - when time permits! Anyways, I was stumbling across these forums as there is much interesting info and miles of information & comparisons.


Current system is a pair swan d2.1se with pioneer 1222k AV with class D.  Definitely looking to pick up a center d1.1sec and subwoofer(s) in near future.  Gotta love this stuff.



Epiphone12's Avatar Epiphone12 05:13 PM 06-04-2014

Hello everyone and thank you Scott for the warm welcome.  I'm just beginning to get my feet wet with shooting video on a professional capacity, as well as editing, audio mixing, and other odds and ends.  I happened to stumble upon this page in search of information regarding the difference between recording in AVCHD or MP4.  


From what I've read so far on this forum, I'm glad I have found a place on the internet where I can rely on the information being exchanged/posted about things of this nature.  


What I'm working with equipment wise: Canon XA20, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and currently taking suggestions for a solid PC based audio editing program (Premiere Pro is handling it ok for video purposes, but I'm also in the works of setting up a home recording studio with a client so I'll need something more geared towards music).


I'm working on gathering as much information as possible to put to good use, so thank you all for your help in advance!

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