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Jon Carlson's Avatar Jon Carlson 06:26 AM 05-01-2008
Anyone found discrete on/off codes for a Magnavox H2080MW8 DVR? I suspect the answer is no, but thought I'd ask anyway.

I've had this Magnavox DVR for a few weeks now, replacing a VCR, and it does everything I could have hoped for. I've read the entire 23-page thread in the 'DVD recorders' area of this forum.

Although the factory remote is as bad as everyone says, my wife and I use old, reliable JP1-compatible One-For-All 8910s. I searched for the code I needed to access the Magnavox DVR (675), 'learned' several of the keys which didn't appear automatically, saved it to my PC, then uploaded the configuration to my other remote. They work like a champ.

Except I can't find a way to insure the unit is specifically on or off within a macro (a small thing, I know). The only option I've found is to press the POWER button which turns the DVR to the state its not currently in (on-to-off, off-to-on, essentially a toggle), but haven't found a way to tell it "If you're already on, stay on, otherwise turn yourself on". I currently have macros in the remote which do this for all my other equipment (sony TV, yamaha receiver, panasonic VCR), where if I want to watch TV I just press one button which sends commands to:

Turn the TV ON (these are device-ON commands, not a toggle)
Turn the VCR ON
Set the TV input to video 1 (for the video output from the receiver)
Set the receiver input to VCR-1
VCR (so the channel buttons tune thru the VCR)

But I haven't yet found a way to insure the Magnavox DVR is automatically turned ON or OFF. Although there's no separate ON and OFF buttons on the TV and receiver remotes, I found the advanced codes I needed on hifi-remote.com and/or remotecentral.com, but I couldn't find codes for this DVR (Magnavox, actually built by funai). I do use a jp1 connector to my computer for programming the remotes, so changes are easy once you know the right codes.

As ridiculous as it sounds, my wife and I each use separate OFA 8910's so we can independently adjust the volume, pause, start, fast forward, etc., so this would rule out having logic in the remote itself to determine whether it was last turned on or off (I think this is called TOAD programming, but I've never used that, just discrete codes).

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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