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11-24-2008 | Posts: 5
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I'm trying to control my new yamaha RX-V3900 with a pronto remote control. I want to use RS232 port, but I don't have the codes. Extra funny thing is that I don't have experiance using this RS232 port. Can someone help me please?

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12-04-2008 | Posts: 5
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01-21-2009 | Posts: 5
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Sorry that this is not an answer to your post, but I too am new to RS232 control. I have just received my Marantz AV8003 and the Pronto TSU9400 will arrive tomorrow and I am also looking to control in the same way...
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01-21-2009 | Posts: 321
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In order to be able to do this you must obtain the RS232C protocol from Yamaha (I could not find it on their web site) perhaps the dealer you bought it from could help. You did not say which Pronto model you have but I will assume it's one of the new TSU9xxx models. You will also need an RFX9600 to interface the RS232 with the Yamaha. You might want to check on for additional information.

Casentis's Avatar Casentis
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01-26-2009 | Posts: 5
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Thanks for the reply's

I have a Philips Pronto Serial extender and a TSU9600. I can easily control devises trough the IR ports, but with RS it doesn't work.

I've read the following thing on the net:

Looks like new Yamaha receivers don't understand RS232 codes of older Yamaha receivers. In the past Yamaha always had RS232 codes listed in a PDF file on the YPAB site, but this has changed with the new models. Now you have to download an excel file with a tree of RS232 commands, which you need to generate yourself using the built-in logic in the Excel file. The problem is, the genius who created the macro in the Excel didn't bother to test his masterpiece, so when you try to generate any RS232 command using the excel file you get an error Compile error in hidden module: Module 1. Yamaha's response was that nobody in US division of Yamaha can help me at this time and I have to wait for their Japan division to fix the problem. I was wondering if anyone reading this forum was able to get either Z7 or V3900 to work over RS232?

I have the excel file, but also have the same error.

greetings Cas
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01-29-2009 | Posts: 5
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I've read on the net that the commands for the Z7 (RX-V3900) and Z11 are the same.

So now i'm using the folowwing commands:



But it doesn't work.

Anyone who has expierience?


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