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12-01-2008 | Posts: 1
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I am on Insight cable. I use a Motorola DCH-6416 DVR/converter box.

The Insight remote doesn't have the functions to run my Vizio 47" SV470XVT1A. I want to program the Vizio remote to run the DVR/converter also -- just power the DVR on/off, and change the channels.

I've tried all of the 3-digit codes listed in the Vizio manual. The only one that gets any response at all is 028, and all I get use of is on/off and arrow up/down. No "enter" function that I can find (the center button doesn't do it), and without that, I can't go to the channel I've selected. So, it recognizes it with that code, but doesn't behave properly.

Any suggestions for this newbie would be very much appreciated !!!
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try the GI & Jerrold cable box codes as well.
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If you have one of the silver ones on this page (and possibly even the other ones; I'm not sure about those):

you may have better luck getting the cable remote to work with your tv since those cable remotes have some hidden programming capability, rather than trying to get the tv remote to work with the cable box (it's too bad Vizio seems to have changed OEM for their remotes, since they used to use the same OEM as the cable remotes and had the same capability).

First, if your TV is like Vizio's previous models, setting the TV device setup code to TV/0178 (or TV/10178, if your remote takes 5 digit codes) should give you some of the functions including the numbers, volumn and power and channel keys. If those work, the rest of the functions can be programmed using advanced codes. For each of the functions do the following:

1. Press and release TV device key
2. Press and hold SETUP until the remote blinks twice
3. Type 994
4. Press and release SETUP
5. Type the advanced code from below
6. Press and release the button you want to assign the function to
The remote should blink twice to confirm

Repeat steps 2-6 for the other functions.

Guide = 00244
Up = 00168
Down = 00166
Left = 00170
Right = 00037
OK = 00164
Sleep = 00054
PIP = 00197
PIP Swap = 00198
PIP Mode = 00199
Exit = 00216
Audio = 00059
Input = 00090
Wide = 00138
TV = 00110
AV = 00105
Component = 00231
HDMI = 00174
MTS = 00055
CC = 00025
Zoom + = 00165
Zoom - = 00169
Freeze = 00200
RGB = 00253
PIP Ch + = 00196
PIP Ch - = 00203
PIP Input = 00199
PIP Size = 00201
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