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coffeencreme 09-07-2010 07:26 AM

You guys have been very helpful to me over the years, so I thought I would try to return the favor. I didn't see this thread anywhere, so I hope I'm not repeating general knowledge.

I recently bought an off-brand LCD (25 inch 1080p Hannspree, great picture) to replace an analog tv. I wanted to use my 21.0 learning remote, but could not find any working codes for Hannspree in the the 21.0 manual. So I ended up using the learning function to teach it from the Hannspree remote. I did not teach it all the buttons, just the ones I thought it would need. At first, it worked great, but like a half an hour later, it would lose everything I taught it. Reprogrammed it several times before I finally figured out the problem. (Dish Network tech support was worthless...on this problem.)

Using the learning function more than once erases the previously learned functions. For example, say I needed to teach the 21.0 remote 12 buttons from the Hannspree remote. If I taught it 10 buttons, then quit, those 10 buttons would work great. No problem. But if I went back in and taught it the 2 buttons I missed, the 10 buttons it already knew would be erased from its memory. The two buttons you just programmed would continue to work.
Totally undocumented.

Hope this helps someone else.

PhillipCwithDISH 02-09-2011 10:52 AM

Thank you very much for that coffeencreme. I will forward this to the appropriate department to see it we can have that added to the manual.

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