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guessyahoo's Avatar guessyahoo 11:52 AM 11-09-2010
Can I program my red OK button Comast DVR remote to do most if not all the functions that my LG 46LD550 TV remote can do?

Please provide step by step instructions on how programming needs to be performed. Please treat me like a 5 year old!

3FingeredGlove's Avatar 3FingeredGlove 01:35 PM 11-09-2010
Yes, every function supported by the TV can be programmed into the Comcast remote. But there are about 50 functions, and many of these are already available on setup code 10178. How about telling us which buttons you are looking for?
guessyahoo's Avatar guessyahoo 02:17 PM 11-09-2010
Thank you so much for the prompt response.

First of all, I need help in the programming procedure. i.e. How do I assign a certain functionality to a certain key.

I need simple buttons like navigational keys the let me navigate through the TV menu option. Right now all my remote does is bring up the TV menu when I click the comcast remote. I cant seem to go anywhere else.
I can also switch inputs between HDMI and PC (but I dont think enter button works while I am switching puts).

Features I would like to have are in the following order:

1. Navigational keys and enter key.
2. A/V Mode
3. My MEDIA to access files from my computer.
4. Youtube and Yahoo widgets if possible.
5. Back, Delete and space bar button during data entry.

Help in setting any of these options would be greatly appreciated.
3FingeredGlove's Avatar 3FingeredGlove 09:34 PM 11-09-2010
Assign setup code 11265 to the TV button
1) Tap TV
2) Press Setup until 2 blinks
3) Enter 11265
Should get 2 blinks

For any function below, choose a button to assign the function to. For the OK function, the OK/Select button is obvious. But a button like SimpLink or Energy Saving may take some thought to make the choice mnemonic.

The process to assign (I'll use OK as an example). Make sure that the remote is in TV mode before making the EFC assignment.
1) Press Setup until 2 blinks
2) Enter 994 (2 blinks)
3) Tap Setup
4) Enter 00164 (or other EFC for other functions)
5) Tap OK/Select
The remote should blink twice.

Function EFC Func Num Function EFC Func Num Function EFC Func Num
channel up 00181 0 Text 00213 32 >> 00062 142
channel down 00185 1 T. Option 00217 33 << 00066 143
vol up 00183 2 Back 00085 40 AD 00129 145
vol down 00187 3 AV Mode 00149 48 Energy Saving 00128 149
arrow right 00182 6 Subtitle 00025 57 Info 00095 170
arrow left 00186 7 arrow up 00165 64 Guide 00099 171
power 00053 8 arrow down 00169 65 Ratio Zoom 00098 175
MUTE 00057 9 MENÜ 00171 67 Play 00157 176
tv/av 00055 10 ok 00164 68 Stop 00161 177
INPUT 00059 11 Q. Menu 00168 69 Pause 00031 186
SLEEP 00054 14 LIST 00102 86 Component1 00034 191
0 00117 16 Widgets 00229 88 Power On 00172 196
1 00121 17 Netcast 00233 89 Power Off 00176 197
2 00119 18 AV1 00231 90 HDMI2 00044 204
3 00123 19 Exit 00235 91 HDMI1 00046 206
4 00116 20 Blue 00201 97 AV2 00109 208
5 00120 21 Yellow 00203 99 Component2 00108 212
6 00118 22 Green 00137 113 RGB-PC 00112 213
7 00122 23 Red 00135 114 TV 00110 214
8 00245 24 Ratio 4:3 00134 118 HDMI4 00239 218
9 00249 25 Ratio 16:9 00138 119 3D 00236 220
Q. View 00247 26 Ratio 00009 121 HDMI3 00081 233
Back 00244 28 SimpLink 00006 126 TV/RAD 00141 240
FAV (Mark) 00246 30

You mentioned some functions which are not listed in the LG Manual for the 46LD550. Is that really your TV model?

guessyahoo's Avatar guessyahoo 09:46 PM 11-09-2010
Thanks dude, u are awesome.

I was wrong with the size it is an LG52LD550.

The remote will be truly universal if I can get Youtube and Yahoo widgets on the comcast remote.
guessyahoo's Avatar guessyahoo 09:57 PM 11-09-2010
I looked in the manual for hexa codes. They are 58 and 59 respectively. I tried to convert them to decimal and program but didnt work.

What could I be doing wrong?
3FingeredGlove's Avatar 3FingeredGlove 11:09 PM 11-09-2010
Manual? Which manual is that? I didn't find YouTube or Yahoo function numbers in either the 46 or 52LD550 manual that LG has on-line.

Anyway, YouTube hexadecimal 58 turns into EFC 00229. Yahoo hexadecimal 59 is 00233.
guessyahoo's Avatar guessyahoo 07:47 AM 11-10-2010
Here is the link for the manual; The name of the functions is actually netcast and widgets (not youtube or yahoo)

The buttons worked great!

Now that you have taught a man to fish, I ventured out and programmed my first macro - i.e. to get subtitles using comcast on HDMI input.

I programmed a button that shuts down cable goes to the menu scroll 4 arrows down one arrow left and 4 arrow back up turns off menu and restarts cable. Believe it or not it worked!

Lastly, I would like to have guide, favorite and menu features of comcast menu to be available in TV mode and want to start the remote in TV mode (not in cable mode).

I tried this but it didn't work===>
""""""I was wondering if it's possible to "unlock" the Guide button on the remote so it would work when it's in TV mode and not only when it's in CABLE mode? It used to work for my old remote (had a grey OK/Select button) but since i got the new remote (with the red OK/Select button) it doesn't work any more.
It is possible:
press 'TV', press and hold 'Setup' until the TV light blinks twice, enter '9-9-4', press 'Setup' again, enter '0-0-0-5-0', press 'Guide', the TV light should blink twice. """""

What is the solution for this - o' wise one!
3FingeredGlove's Avatar 3FingeredGlove 08:50 PM 11-10-2010
See this link for more information on how to program UEI remotes.

In particular, to copy a button from Cable to TV:
1. Press Setup until 2 blinks.
2. Enter 994 (2 blinks)
3. Tap the "from" device button (Cable)
4. Tap the "from" regular button (eg, Guide)
5. Tap the "to" device button (TV)
6. Tap the "to" regular button (eg, Guide) - two blinks

See the above link for how to erase 994 keymoves.

Thanks for the manual. It has more codes than the similarly named manual I downloaded from

While you're at the above link, take a look around. If you download RemoteMaster (free), then you can convert the Hexadecimal codes to EFC values yourself.

BTW, I added more functions to the EFC list above.
guessyahoo's Avatar guessyahoo 08:59 AM 11-11-2010
Thanks once again. I was able to copy key functionality between devices.

This looks like a complete document now for all LG550 owners.
guessyahoo's Avatar guessyahoo 06:41 AM 12-18-2010
I am unable to program any macro on my remote.

I press and hold set up until the light blinks twice. Press 995.
Press the key i want to program and then the sequence. Then I press and hold set-up. It is not working!

Any one care to help
mdavej's Avatar mdavej 08:25 AM 12-18-2010
Some keys can't be programmed, like the device selection keys, setup key and sometimes power key. Other keys take multiple macros, like the fav key. What key are you trying to put the macro on? Are you holding setup at the end for 2 blinks. By not working, do you mean you don't get 2 blinks at the end, or the macro doesn't play back as expected?
guessyahoo's Avatar guessyahoo 04:33 PM 12-21-2010
I don't get the two blinks. I am holding the set-up key down at the end. I was trying to program the A key.
mdavej's Avatar mdavej 06:50 PM 12-21-2010
Since key moves and macros use the same memory space, it's possible you're out of memory. Your remote can hold about 80 key moves. Macros vary by length. You could try deleting a few non-essential key moves (EFCs) and try again. To clear a key move, pick your device key, hold setup for 2 blinks, 994, press key to be cleared twice (2 blinks).
smithbr's Avatar smithbr 04:31 PM 10-17-2013

Can you provide a similar table for a Philips TV model 32PFL533D/37?

smithbr's Avatar smithbr 04:43 PM 10-17-2013

Can you provide a similar table for a Philips TV model 32PFL533D/37?

mdavej's Avatar mdavej 05:23 PM 10-17-2013
Philips gets kind of complicated. It would be better if you tell us what setup code you're using today and what functions you need. Then we can get you a list of just those codes. I also need to know what model remote you're programming (not the Philips remote model).
smithbr's Avatar smithbr 05:35 PM 10-17-2013

I'm using a silver Comcast remote with a red OK button and a program code of 11454.  I'm especially interested in getting the OK/Select button working so I can select things in the TV Menu because I don't have a Philips remote.  I could apparently also use a setup code of 10690, if that would work better.  The remote model is URC#1067cBM3-0001-R.

mdavej's Avatar mdavej 06:54 PM 10-17-2013
Not sure these will work, since I had to do some guessing. But give them a try using setup code 21267:
0    19000
1       16952
2       23096
3       21048
4       10808
5       08760
6       14904
7       12856
8       35384
9       33336
PREV CH 39480
POWER   27192
MUTE    25144
INFO    29240
VOL +   51768
VOL -   49720
BRIGHT +        55864
BRIGHT -        53816
COLOR + 43576
COLOR - 41528
CH +    19256
CH -    17208
SOURCE  02872
OPTION  18488
CC      14392
MENU    43064
up arrow        02104
down arrow      65592
left arrow      06200
right arrow     04152
OK      59448
red/demo        24888
green   31032
yellow  28984
blue    51512
active control  46648
guide   25656
period  64568
format  40248
contrast -      03384
contrast +      58680
discrete off    62159
discrete on     62151
av1     59945
av2     62175
av3     60121
hdmi1   60127
hdmi2   59607
hdmi3   59937
side    60113
format auto     60111
tuner   59417

This is the most flexible setup code, but the downside is you'll have to use EFCs for nearly every function. Let me know which ones don't work, and I'll make some different assumptions and give you some alternate codes to try.
smithbr's Avatar smithbr 07:36 PM 10-17-2013

I thought 21267 was working, but when I couldn't get the OK Button code to work I tried entering 21267 again and couldn't even get back to the TV by hitting the Menu Button.

mdavej's Avatar mdavej 07:46 PM 10-17-2013
Like I said, 21267 isn't going to work at all until you program every EFC. That's just the way it is. If all you care about is OK, then use 10690 and EFC 00176. But that requires lots of EFCs too and won't do every function, so that will require some tricky programming (temporarily setting another device to 10690, programming the EFC, keymoving it, then changing the code back to what it was before). Just decide which way you want to go and I'll post the appropriate codes.

EDIT: I just thought of a much simpler solution that might work. Use your original setup code and Key copy OK from TV mode to CBL mode like so:

PRESS and HOLD the SETUP button until the red LED flashes twice, then RELEASE.
TAP 9 - 9 - 4.
TAP the "from" DEVICE button (eg, TV)
TAP the "from" regular button (eg, OK)
TAP the "to" DEVICE button (eg, CBL)
TAP the "to" regular button (eg, OK) - two Blinks
smithbr's Avatar smithbr 09:20 AM 10-18-2013

The latter option works, but now I need a code for using the up/down and right/left cursor buttons when in cable mode so I don't have to keep switching back and forth between TV and cable mode when in the TV Menu.  Do you know what the cursor button code should be for cable mode?


P.S.  While looking for a cursor button code, I found a TV mode EFC for the OK button on the JP1 site by searching with a setup code of 1454 (short for 11454) in TV mode for a Comcast 1067BX3 JP1.3.  The code is 00007.  Now I can do everything I want with my remote in TV mode.  Thanks for all your help though, in getting me where I want to be with my remote.

mdavej's Avatar mdavej 10:39 AM 10-18-2013
If I'm understanding correctly you want the TV arrows to work in CBL mode. If so, just repeat the steps above for each, i.e., after 994, press TV, UP, CBL, UP for the up button. Repeat the whole procedure for each of the other arrow buttons.
smithbr's Avatar smithbr 11:52 AM 10-18-2013

No, actually I was really trying to find an EFC for the OK button in TV mode for activating things in the TV Menu, but thanks, if I ever need to use the cursor buttons in cable mode I'll know how to do that too.

ampe's Avatar ampe 08:08 AM 01-24-2014
Hi ,
Could you help me to find the Comcast EFC list for my fujicom tv
I'm using code 11080
3FingeredGlove's Avatar 3FingeredGlove 12:00 AM 01-25-2014
11080 (TV 1080) sends the RC5 IR protocol, with device 0. There are lots of TVs using this IR protocol, especially Philips, but while basic functions like Vol up/down, etc are the same for all the TVs, there isn't much standardization for other functions. I would probably just try every EFC from 00000 to 00255. You can see the EFCs sent by the 11080 by using the Lookup Tool.
ampe's Avatar ampe 01:13 AM 01-25-2014
Thank you for the quick respond ,

For some reason I can't find the ok/select code
Which I need to select one of the tv input

ampe's Avatar ampe 12:14 PM 01-25-2014
I tried the all 256 code to find the ok/select code (I did it when the input menu was on and focus )
Without any success
Do you have more code that I could try
3FingeredGlove's Avatar 3FingeredGlove 12:23 PM 01-25-2014
Make sure that the TV has a menu displayed when you're looking for Select. Here are several possibilities, all from TVs using RC5 Device 0: 00113, 00007,00083,00076,00241,00046,00081,00239,00245,00103. Otherwise, I don't have any suggestions.
ampe's Avatar ampe 02:20 PM 01-25-2014
I guess I missed it before but 83 is working

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