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04-16-2013 | Posts: 158
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Got the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 today & the Touchsquid app.

Did the setup, ran a couple of things & found some limitations & bugs.

1. In my TV mode, while watching a channel, I entered the 3 digit code for another channel.....huge problem as only the 1st 2 digits were recognized, on some tries, only the 1st digit was recognize for changing channels, then on other tries nothing was recognized by the motorola pvr; note that all the correct digits were displayed on the app & somehow the problem appears to be the sending of the codes as I did get correct channel changes a couple of times.

2. For the media player, both the "Home" & "Return" buttons are needed when not playing a dvd; extremely necessary when browesing the apps available on the blu-ray players. The Home on a Yamaha is needed to get to the screen for setups & apps like Netflix & Youtube, etc.
On the Sony, the Home is needed to get back to the default screen on the blu-ray bootup/turn-on. On both players & others probably, the return is to get back to a prior screen/level; the "back" icon doesn't/didn't work within either Netflix or Youtube

Looks nice but still need fixes especially since the "manual" is only available online & not available for downloading.

NOT There yet as a full replacement of the Harmony. The device database need to be better & updated for the Yamaha Aventage series; even the Sony doesn't list the "S" series; I just selected the S790 for my S590. The Touchsquid claims 200,000 devices & Logitech claims 225,000 devices; could be how Touchsquid displays the devices for setup?
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04-16-2013 | Posts: 93
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1) Sometimes you need to fiddle with the code timings and are re petes. My Colby DTV tuner was very finicky about that.

2) All you need to do is add them, Press the Squid Eye, Advanced and you can add buttons that are not displayed by default.

I'll be honest I am not a big fan of how TS does the device selection, but with the exception of the Switcher and my Ancient DLP HD TV everything else was in the DB

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04-17-2013 | Posts: 1,335
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I ran into the "digit timing" problem. You need to adjust the "digit timing".... try increasing it a bit to see if more digits get "captured" by the device. Initially, I had to increase it alot but TS support recently added an in-line delay that allows for better digit timing on my TV. Further, ensure that the samsung "bug" does not bite you with the power saving functions.... turn them off as this affects how the IR sender "responds".

As for devices, individual device "ID's" may not be there but most of the time, "overall device codes" from a given manufacturer are there and sufficient. As suggested, for a specific device setup, adding keys is done thru the "squid eye".... its takes some time especially if the function is at the end of the list that you have to scroll thru.
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04-17-2013 | Posts: 158
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I didn't see/notice how to add buttons for functions, just how to do macros. Just did adding home & return for the Sony; will do the others later.

My purpose for TouchSquid is that the combo of tablet & TS app is about the same price as a new Harmony One/Touch as there looks to be a need for replacement of my "One" soon.

Also, I can see the controls WITHOUT my reading glasses!
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04-17-2013 | Posts: 1,335
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yep... that's one of the reasons I am using to (poor / low light conditions and poor eyes... :-) ) I think that you will find that the TS is the best android based solution for tablets. Good luck and good programming / setup.
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04-25-2013 | Posts: 5
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Originally Posted by scl23enn4m3 View Post

I didn't have time to read your full post, but I scanned their website. This remote having wifi is begging for some kind IP to IR interface.

We have an IR over IP kit solution which, having worked with TouchSquid, is set-up and ready to be controlled using these apps, have a look here http://www.keene.co.uk/electronic/keene-electronics/keene-ir-anywhere-ir-over-ip-module-%28single%29/KIRAM.html
There is also a 128 code version http://www.keene.co.uk/electronic/keene-electronics/keene-ir-anywhere-ir-over-ip-module-%28128-code%29/KIRA128.html

Here http://touchsquid.tv/Remote.htm we are mentioned by TouchSquid, as we have worked with them to ensure to get the best out of their software
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05-16-2013 | Posts: 70
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New software 4.01 is coming out soon. Many new features.

Version 4.01 is a complete re-write of the app aimed at making it more reliable and easier to maintain. We have responded to a lengthy list of user requests. Here are the main new features:

1. Support for Samsung and HTC phones with IR, requiring portrait mode.

2. User definable graphics. Basically there are for folders for users to add graphics which replace the built in files (only when present).
TSR/NamedViews contains button graphics and backgrounds.
TSR/ActivityIcons contains what it sounds like...
TSR/SquareButs -the small square buttons. If you want to do a special font you can build it into a button.
TSR/RectangleButs -the rectangle shaped slightly larger buttons for custom commands.

We are having a graphic designer do several "Themes" which will be posted on line. Users can share their own graphics on this forum or even sell them.

3. Drag and drop moving of favorites to make rearranging screens easier.

4. User nameable devices and activities.

5. Macros are stored in a more robust fashion, and the 10 command limit is no more.

6. Device remotes, which control only one device, are now available. They can be customized, but start with the main common buttons predefined.

7. A new "All commands" list (Squid eye/Device name) brings up a scrollable button list of every command the device has and you can touch commands multiple times without closing the list.

8. Multiple external blasters are supported, even when they are of different brands. They are identified by IP address so a fixed IP setup is recommended.
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05-17-2013 | Posts: 176
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Just installed this latest version on a Samsung Galaxy S4 and have run into some consistent issues and bugs.

The timings for button presses is a real problem. With my comcast box when I set the repeat at one and it will only output the command roughly half the time. Increase to two and you add secondary unwanted button presses executing the command twice about half the time. There is an option to set the timing for slower or quicker channel entry which may or may not work because it will not allow me into the menu to adjust those settings. So for now I cant change the channel unless I do it through the channel up or down button which is itself victim to those unwanted button presses (or failures) I cant adjust out just yet.

When going to a device page the the touchsquid button on those pages does not work. You can long press on the screen and add buttons but the app does not give the option of saving them so whenever the application leaves device memory they are gone.

The application does not by default turn off devices that are no longer needed when you switch activities or at least not successfully. I have found where the application will allow me to adjust the power on/off settings for the devices individually but have not found where I can adjust the macro that starts/stops the activities to fiddle with those commands. This may exist somewhere but I haven't found it yet. This is doubly a problem because neither the power up or shut down of activities works correctly anyways so again I need access to those macros to (hopefully) get them working. Some of this may hang on the first problem depending on whether some button presses were never actually sent or may have been sent twice.

Once you have entered an activity and then press the touchsquid to get to the resultant menu where they make available the option of powering on/off devices if that device has toggle for power it will bring up a menu where you can select which you want to do. Not sure but I'm guessing it uses a workaround like play for power on and power toggle for power off? At any rate good feature idea but it doesn't really matter since the application sends the power toggle commmand as soon as you touch the button instead of waiting for you to specify what you want to do from the resultant menu.

When going into the settings there are two repeatable errors in the device setup area. In one the application will hang and become unresponsive to any input. In this first case you can select back on the phone itself and it will back out to the previous screen. The other instance is in the same place it will produce a java error that will force close the application. I get one or the other about half the time I enter the device settings menus.

I want everyone to keep in mind that I have only had this application since yesterday afternoon and haven't the time into it needed to have a good feel for what is possible but I will say without question if someone is hoping for a practically effortless setup ala Harmony this isn't going to happen and they will have to be prepared to spend some time making it work. I'm talking about working at all, not tuning it up with favorites and adding and removing buttons like you would with a Harmony after you initially got it working. This isn't a shot at the application, its designed to be more fully customizable but prospective buyers should be aware of that. There are also some of what to me are glaring problems with some fundamentals. Simply finding your device code sets is kludgey at best. Mainly because if it isn't found in the main areas (such as dvd player) you have to go into other section and with brands like Samsung you are now scrolling a list with thousands of entries. Yes, I mean thousands, not gosh that seems like a lot of devices. This is mostly caused by the fact that some entries in there repeated more than 100 times for what by the text description is exactly the same device. When you consider I have decided to first throw this at my bedroom setup which only has four mainstream devices and two of them had to have there code sets found in the other section, well, not good. When adding buttons rather than get an option to add an icon style button such as the play button you can only label them with text. You can fix this by getting custom buttons off the internet and moving them into a user folder already existing in the applications files but you shouldn't have to. Functionality this basic should be there already with at least one set of the basic transport, RGB, etc buttons.

I would also like to say that I have spoken to these people on the phone since they are local to me and they were very responsive. I had a device which was not in the database and they were as good as their word in that it would be there in a few hours, it was. I also asked for help about some things which I could not find on their forum and they had the answers immediately. In general I get the feeling that they genuinely want to make this is good application, they want to make it a winner. I'm going to give them a little time to see if they can sort out the issues.
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05-31-2013 | Posts: 70
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Since the release date 5/15 the developers have been very busy fixing bugs. The latest version is 4.17 and seems stable on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0.
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03-15-2014 | Posts: 14
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How is the current version? At face value, this seems like a solution for us Pronto TSU owners..
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03-22-2014 | Posts: 158
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The current ver, 4.85 works as stable for me; it also has some ip controls; a new ver (5) is being worked on to have the devices in the "cloud" for easier update, install, etc.

I've fiddled with timings as channel changes are sometime erratic (entered 3 digits, 2 digits show up, select next channel the 3 digit shows up, etc); BUT got my Monoprice IR Repeater ($17.95 @ Monoprice, higher at Amazon(!?!) & NO MORE erratic channel entries! In the TouchSquid, an admin stated that the Galazy Tab 2 7.0 (& all Samsungs(?)) have weak IR blasters. My experience with fast responses & reliability, so far, supports an assertion that all I needed is an IR repeater with the emitters in front of the "ir eye" of each device!

I've had occasional devices not being powered up/down with the TSR; pointing problems since the devices can be 5-6 feet apart. With an IR repeater, only need to point the Tab 2 at the IR repeater's receiver, just one spot without concern whether it will cover all the needed devices that are horizontally or vertically diverse.

The timings are now back to the default & I don't need to fiddle with them any more.
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