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jmcfarten 01-23-2012 11:08 AM

After replacing the dead batteries, the remote no longer works with the receiver. When I press any buttons, the transmit LED blinks twice and that's it. No functions work and the transmit LED does not blink. Thinking maybe the battery contacts were dirty (which they are not; like new condition), I took the batteries out and tried again. Same result. Bad batteries? Tried different ones. Same result.

Now I am thinking that maybe I have to reprogram the remote to work the receiver. Going through the manual, it states "press a device button then using a pen or long object, hold down the CODE button until the transmit LED blinks twice." The transmit button does not blink twice. The only time it blinks twice is when I take the batteries out/in and press a button. It doesn't seem that I can reprogram the remote.

Is my remote dead? Is there any other functions I need to perform on the receiver so that it see's the remote? Note that the receiver is all but 2 feet away from the remote so there is no line of site issues.

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