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shortskoolbus's Avatar shortskoolbus 03:11 PM 03-19-2012
So i'm completely new to iRule so please bare with me... the primary reason i want to get it is to control my home AV devices and serve as a universal remote. Looks like the WF2IR itach is the right hardware for this purpose...

However, i would like to have an upgrade path to be able to control my home lighting in the future. I figure i would probably use Insteon to do so... Does this mean that I should get a GC-100 for that future proofing? Or could i just buy the WF2SL itach later?

Also, for the GC-100 it says only 1 irule connection allowed at once, does it mean that i can only connect one controlling device (ipad, iphone, etc) at any given time?

Sorry.. some of these questions might seem pretty basic.


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