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preskitt_man's Avatar preskitt_man 10:06 PM 06-03-2012
My basic configuration is I have
TV: Samsung ES7100
STB: Motorola DCX3501
AV: Sony DNR1020
BD: Sony BDPS570
Remote: Harmony 620
Also, cable is split, so cable connection to COAX connector on TV

STB and BD are connected via HDMI to inputs on AV
TV is connected to HDMI out on AV from HDMI2 (ARC) on TV
STB is never turned off and set to HDMI 1080p output
I need ARC enabled so I can sound from cable and/or network and/or anyshare onto AV. To enable ARC, Ctrl for HDMI must be On with Pass through set ot ON.

What I would like to have done, but sort of given up on is have watch PVR activity that a) Turns on TV b) Turns on AV, sets AV to SAT/CATV and then I get video on TV and Dolby Digital 5.1 on AV. Best I can do in that regard is is get all of that except for Dolby Digital 5.1

What works if I do this manually is a) Turn on TV. Video is passed through from DNR1020 and audio comes TV speakers.
and then b) Either through TV menu, turn on AV or more simply push the SAT/CATV button TWICE on AV remote. When I go through this two step process, Video and Audio are fine. And btw, when I turn off TV, that also causes AV to be turned off.

So, what I need is two activities:
1) Turn on TV and have Remote control TV (sound primarily) and STB (channels, PVR functions). When off is pushed, in the absenc of the 2nd activity, turns off TV,. This is useful as well to simply watch TV without AV if sound is not critical.

Now I need a 2nd activity
2) Leaving TV on , Turn on AV and push SAT/CATV, or turn on AV via documented process of TV remote steps. Tricky (trickier) part is for this 2nd activity, when Off is pressed, it turns off the TV - which will turn off the AV. However no harm done if off signal sent to both.

Bonus points for fitting BD into this. BD would always use TV and AV. However, since don't use BD all that much, I am happy enough doing that manually using product remotes.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


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