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ashoemaker's Avatar ashoemaker 07:51 AM 09-29-2012
I was in the remotes section of a Best Buy store this morning, and found something I hadn't seen before: the Logitech Harmony Touch. It's definitely new since it lists "Windows 8" compatibility on the box, but the QR code doesn't go to any live pages at the Logitech site.

It looks to be a relatively high-end device -- smaller than the One with more of a candy bar design, with a fairly large color touch screen in the middle and a docking base for recharging.

If it's really new, I have a few box pictures which I can try to post

ashoemaker's Avatar ashoemaker 08:07 AM 09-29-2012
Here are the pictures I was able to grab of the box, one of the back and one of the side. Unfortunately the Best Buy security device sort of gets in the way of getting a good picture.

The price tag over the boxes listed it at $249, though in retrospect I didn't check carefully that the tag description was really for this product.
rgunther's Avatar rgunther 09:31 AM 09-29-2012
Wow...there's nothing on the Web about this product. It's not even listed on Logitech's own site.
Garnoch's Avatar Garnoch 05:37 PM 09-29-2012
Those transport buttons look uncomfortable way up top.
Character_Zero's Avatar Character_Zero 06:04 PM 09-29-2012
Wow could that security device be tighter on the box?

Looks cool, but I like the tactile feel of actual buttons. I don't want to have to look at the remote when I want to use it. Also with the One I find myself on the wrong page sometime when I hit the side by accident.
Fargus777's Avatar Fargus777 06:08 PM 09-29-2012
Hopefully these handle drops better than the 1
ashoemaker's Avatar ashoemaker 06:20 PM 09-29-2012
Originally Posted by Character_Zero View Post

Wow could that security device be tighter on the box?

Ha! The poor Harmony Ones on the same display were worse off, with the box edges crushed in about half an inch on each side -- bad enough you wouldn't want to buy a box looking like that to give as a gift.
Originally Posted by Character_Zero View Post

Looks cool, but I like the tactile feel of actual buttons. I don't want to have to look at the remote when I want to use it. Also with the One I find myself on the wrong page sometime when I hit the side by accident.

The picture of a picture isn't so clear, but from the box it looks like most of the buttons are tactile; only the center section is a touch screen. However, I completely agree that the transport buttons up top look quite awkward -- the one hope may be if there's a second comfortable grip position that makes it easy to use the top buttons.
ubercool's Avatar ubercool 07:52 PM 09-29-2012
While you made Engadget write a story, someone actually bought one and submitted pictures to Engadget:

Looks nice, I say. cool.gif
TatorTot's Avatar TatorTot 08:46 PM 09-29-2012
So bestbuy made a mistake putting this out early ?
Nevets42's Avatar Nevets42 09:30 PM 09-29-2012
What state are you in? I would like to purchase one ASAP? And what exact location?
Knights's Avatar Knights 02:12 AM 09-30-2012
Is this suppose to replace the Harmony 900 as the next updated remote??
bsk4life's Avatar bsk4life 05:38 AM 09-30-2012
Wow, I don't see actual buttons for skip forward/backward on that remote. I don't think I could deal with that. I just might have to stick with the One.
Garnoch's Avatar Garnoch 06:59 AM 09-30-2012
Agreed, although left and right swipes may handle that. I don't mind losing physical number buttons but, man I still don't like that button layout.
boe's Avatar boe 07:00 AM 09-30-2012
Worst layout. The Harmony one layout is great but it needs a serious refresh. The buttons I use most are ff rw, chapter forward and back, select 4 directional buttons and enter. With the ff, rw etc at the top I'd probably always accidentally press the touch screen and it would be inconvenient to hold.
Garnoch's Avatar Garnoch 07:26 AM 09-30-2012
Yeah, terrible layout. I love their remotes, but to me the best re-fresh they could have made, was re-write the horrendous software.
mdavej's Avatar mdavej 09:46 AM 09-30-2012
While I'm glad to see a new remote from logitech. I agree with everyone else that with the playback controls at the very top and the skip buttons totally missing, this layout is pretty much unusable, especially for DVR users. It's as if the designers (or their focus groups) have never actually used a remote. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in one of their design meetings and see what's driving all these crazy ideas. The remote is certainly pleasing to look at, which I guess will drive impulse buys. But if you think for more than 5 seconds about how you'd actually use it, I don't see how anyone would be compelled to buy this.
Walt Reardon's Avatar Walt Reardon 01:18 PM 09-30-2012
By the close-ups posted on Engadget, I'm making these guesses (we've done a few hundred of One's, 900, and 1100s) (again "guesses", as I haven't set one up yet, and not sure I will based on what I've seen so far):
  • Has the tactile color buttons that the One lacks
  • Transport Buttons-agreed, makes no sense. Don't see how you can activate these one-handed. Got to hope there is some swipe availability on the touch screen--PLEASE SOMEONE GET PICS OF THE ALTERNATIVE SCREENS, SEE NEXT COMMENT
  • Appears that the picture displayed is the "Favorites" screen, which is activated by pressing the "Star" button on the upper left of the touch screen. If so, upping the icons to 50 is a nice upgrade from the limited 24 on the 1100 (and I believe 900 and one, although we don't normally add favorites for clients unless they're getting the 1100, and we charge more for the buttons)
  • Also guessing you're swiping up and down through the different favorites, which is nicer
  • Home button on the upper right of the screen leads me to believe it takes you to the "Activities", like "Watch TV", "Watch DVD". May also take you to settings where you can set time or change the default screen BUT THIS IS A STRETCH WITH MY GUESSING
  • "?" screen, located center below the touch screen is probably the "Help" sequence activation (and better be available as that is the only reason we still use these remotes for clients who cannot or will not budget for a higher end remote like Control 4)
  • Pencil Icon on lower right of touch screen. That's a good question. This is probably how you can create some customized things on the remote as mentioned earlier in these posts. Completely new for Harmony line. Have no clue.
  • Size appears smaller, which could be nice if the screen is a little larger, which it "appears" to be
  • Charging Cradle - don't like the upright stand as that will lead to less stability while charging, which in turn will probably lead to more drops, and as was noted earlier, these remotes are not sturdy, which is why most companies (unlike us, but I don't blame them at all) will not sell this line.
  • This is only meant to help those considering this remote as it is designed mostly for direct users to program themselves. (Please no bashing us. No one who is a professional admits to using these. We do for those whose budgets do not allow them to graduate to a Control 4 system, as the "Help" sequence keeps clients from calling us back, and we've found nothing close by any other manufacturer yet. )cool.gif

skatze's Avatar skatze 02:25 PM 09-30-2012
Does anyone have a sku (Best Buy inventory number) or upc code for it? Even if Best Buy put it out early, it typically means the release date is days away. The unit might be known as the Harmony Touch but realistically every Harmony remote would also have a model number associated with it. Does Ashoemaker or anyone else know what Best Buy store/location had it?
Snowbum's Avatar Snowbum 05:13 PM 09-30-2012
Hello. I actually picked one up on Friday, 9/28/12. The problem is, I cannot do anything with it yet since it is not listed on Logitech's website. The Best Buy SKU is 9785508720. it feels amazingly well balanced in one's hand. I cannot wait to set it up.
Snowbum's Avatar Snowbum 05:31 PM 09-30-2012
Logitech still considers this a beta device. Check out the image of the setup screen that I captured.

Garnoch's Avatar Garnoch 06:07 PM 09-30-2012
Originally Posted by Snowbum View Post

Hello. I actually picked one up on Friday, 9/28/12. The problem is, I cannot do anything with it yet since it is not listed on Logitech's website. The Best Buy SKU is 9785508720. it feels amazingly well balanced in one's hand. I cannot wait to set it up.

Congrats! Loads us up with A LOT of info. Do you come from another Harmony? How are the lack of hard buttons and the placement of the playback buttons?
jpeckinp's Avatar jpeckinp 06:19 PM 09-30-2012
I need a new remote, but I'm not sure I want a Logitech again. The last two 880's I bought have lasted about a year and then the buttons have problems responding.
Garnoch's Avatar Garnoch 06:25 PM 09-30-2012
I heard of those issues too and had that issue with 2 550s which were from the same era as the 880, but the 700 has been perfect for a couple years now and I've heard the same from people owning the One.
Garnoch's Avatar Garnoch 09:33 PM 09-30-2012
Snowbum.... what do you think?
yaomizzle's Avatar yaomizzle 09:39 PM 09-30-2012
I am sold on logitechs build quality. Have had a harmony one for 4 years and have had it fall from 4ft probably over 50 times. (Window sill is where I normally keep it) also leaving it on the same window sill a few weeks ago it got rained on to the point I held it upside and blew it out with compressed air and it POURED out water. Let it sit for a week and continue to use it haha

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skatze's Avatar skatze 04:01 AM 10-01-2012
The Best Buy SKU # is 6500555 and sells for $249.99. They don't have it in their online system for sale yet.
DustoMan's Avatar DustoMan 06:49 AM 10-01-2012
So does this use it's own stand alone software or does it use a web-based interface?
Cozmo85's Avatar Cozmo85 08:20 AM 10-01-2012
Called my local bestbuy with the sku. They have 2 on the way and lots in the warehouse he said.
NickTheGreat's Avatar NickTheGreat 08:29 AM 10-01-2012
How very interesting. I use the skip buttons alot for my DVR. But for the HT, it could work cool.gif
jcracer21's Avatar jcracer21 09:36 AM 10-01-2012
We keep some in the warehouse for gifting purposes or if a customer wants that new box look/feel. Unfortunately with theft always a risk. Floor models of products exceeding a certain price must be wrapped tightly.
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