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John Purdue's Avatar John Purdue 09:14 AM 10-04-2012
Hello all,

I am currently putting together a distributed a/v system in my house.

I am running video to four rooms through a 4x4 HDMI Matrix. The matrix is connected to a DVD/SAT/HT/ROKU.

To control each of these four components, I have one IR receiver in each of the four rooms spliced to CAT6 runs, which terminate in four IR blocks in the basement next to the components.

My question begins here. Each of the four IR blocks sends out an IR emitter which must then be connected to the IR receiver on the component. So, on each of the DVD, SAT, HT< and Roku I ahve four emitters taped precariously to a very small receiver hole.

Is there an easier way to do this?

Could I simply connect all four of the CAT6 IR lines to a single IR block in the basement, rather than running them to four separate blocks?

Could I splice together the four emitter lines once they have left their individual IR blocks so that they feed one common emitter?

Is there another obvious way around this problem that I simply haven't thought of? (VERY likely!)

Thank you for your help!


Vin's Avatar Vin 11:50 AM 10-04-2012
I accomplish this wirelessly using the NextGen remote extender > I have 3 components (2 DirecTV HD DVRs and a Roku box) connected to a 4x2 HDMI matrix switch, all of which is controlled from remote locations without using any IR emitters....the IR blaster/spaceship puts out enough of a signal to flash all 4 components, i.e., the DVRs, the Roku and the IR controlled HDMI matrix switch.

I don't know if there's any way to get around the 4 IR blocks in your wired system but you should at least be able to connect a single wired IR blaster to each one that will reach all of your components, rather than having 4 individual emitters from each block.
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