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underminded999's Avatar underminded999 02:44 PM 10-30-2012

I currently have to use a minimum of two remotes to watch a BD on my JVC XV-BP1.  My AVR is pre-HDMI an Pre-BD, so no BD control there.  MY BD remote cannot control my AVR.


I have gone through a few universals and have not been pleased.


On a whim I got Sony's RM-VLZ620.  It controls all of my units with the exception of the JVC XV-BP1.  There is no JVC code and none of the BD codes, including the LG code, work.  I 'CHAT'd' with Sony support, but they were useless.


Does anyone know if I can get the Sony remote to learn the JVC's function, when no BD can be assigned?


Any help is appreciated.

mdavej's Avatar mdavej 03:10 PM 10-30-2012
Of course you can. It's all HERE in the manual.
underminded999's Avatar underminded999 10:23 AM 10-31-2012

I have the manual.


I tried everything before I CHAT'd with Sony.


For some reason, it will not "learn" a command, unless the BD function is 'mapped'.


It won't learn; Power, Play, Pause, Stop, etc...


I go through all of the steps, outlined on pg. 20.

Set, center button, 988, BD...

Step 5, sez, press the button , you want to learn, i.e. play, "The SET indicator flashes with the button press..."


The problem is, after pressing BD, both BD and SET are lit, then when pressing a button that I want to learn a command(Play) instead of flashing with the button press, the SET lights flashes rapidly about five or six times, then both the the SET and BD  lights turn off and I'm back to the beginning.


My assumption(you know what they say about that...) is that since the BD key is not mapped to any device/code, that it cannot learn any function for that key.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed?

mdavej's Avatar mdavej 11:13 AM 10-31-2012
Just assign any valid code, doesn't matter which one
underminded999's Avatar underminded999 12:03 PM 11-01-2012

I figured it out.


I found this thread over at www.remotecentral.com


It turns out that this remote can only learn with new non-rechargable batteries.


I bought some new batteries, and bingo, it has learned everything I have taught it.


Hopefully, this will help someone else, if they run into a similar problem.

Alan Gibs's Avatar Alan Gibs 05:06 PM 04-17-2013
WOW! thanks, i just got this remote today, and was pulling my hair out! all I use and have, are rechargeable, how dumb! but, i will go get normal ones and try again, hope that works, i really was about to call and get a replacement, since i tried to get the thing to learn commands it already has, nothing, lol
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