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Sam Davies's Avatar Sam Davies 04:23 AM 12-05-2012

Just been reading through the forum, seems like there are a lot of people in the know.

I have just setup a Harminy 650 using the online silverlight based software..

The activivity I want to edit is to watch a movie on my HTPC..

I am running a Zotac AD12 through a marantz AV rec into my TV..

The remote works sweet however it insists on powering up and down my PC, which I do not want it to do ( as it stays on downloading etc).

I cannot edit this for some reason however, there is no Pencil icon next to the Power on function in the dialogue box.. How do I cancel this command?

Thanks in advance,


dharel's Avatar dharel 05:52 AM 12-05-2012
Go back to the setup for that device. You should be able to indicate somewhere in the software that the HTPC stays on all the time. I forget exactly where the option is, but if you look around or search the web you can find it easily.
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