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ghannam's Avatar ghannam 11:07 AM 12-10-2012
Noob here......longtime lurker. biggrin.gif
Have all the Global Tach stuff setup and working correctly, and am looking at the Schmartz PS3IR-1000.
Do I understand correctly that I would use a 2.5 to 3.5mm adapter and a cable to directly connect the PS3IR-1000 to the GC Gateway?
If not, can someone explain how I would get the PS3IR connected for use in iRule?

Thanks a bunch for any insight.

ghannam's Avatar ghannam 11:53 AM 12-10-2012
Finally found my answer.......
goro007@ozemail.'s Avatar goro007@ozemail. 01:49 AM 05-13-2013
Hi ghannam

I've got the same question. So what's the answer?!

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