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Clay1970's Avatar Clay1970 06:48 AM 01-17-2013
I'm a noob on this, I have a JVC Projector and Video Processor that has no remote. I am using a Harmony 880 now. Logitech doesn't have the setup code in it's database. I did find the list of Hex and Binary codes, but the 880 doesn't have a way to input them.
What is a either a cheep remote I could input the Hex or Binary button information and then teach the 880, or, a good remote with macro function like the 880 that will allow for Hex or Binary button programming.
Thanks, Clay

mdavej's Avatar mdavej 10:41 AM 01-17-2013
RCA RCRP05B or BR $15. Use RM to load codes via cable or convert to codes than can be entered directly. Any JP1 remote can do this. They start at about $3 on eBay. If you have cable tv, you probably already have. a JP1 remote.

A JP1 remote is an indispensable part of any harmony system.
Clay1970's Avatar Clay1970 09:39 AM 01-18-2013
Well, I have learned that the Hex and Binary codes I have are not what I need to have, to type into a remote. I really have no idea what to do with this. This PDF I have tells me the IR frequency, the modulated carrier is derived from a 432KHz clock and is 1/12 of the frequency with a 1/3 duty cycle. What? I think this is hopeless. I can't find any remote programming for dummies book. I have read and read on forums to try and get an understanding of how to program this. I bought a IR adapter from iWavit and downloaded the Tabula Rosa app on my iPhone. It has a setting to add, modify HEX Code. with links to a data base for each button. I am waiting for the hardware portion to arrive to try my hand at using these HEX codes. I don't feel confident this will work due to the lack of manufacture support by JVC. You folks are so far over my level of understanding of all this. Thank you so much for trying to help,
mdavej's Avatar mdavej 09:47 AM 01-18-2013
We can usually figure out how to create codes from data like that. I suggest you start a thread in the JP1 forums at so the IR signal experts can help you. Also post that PDF or a link to it

It will also help if you post the models of the devices. They will help us find any existing codes or at least get clues about the protocol or similar devices that may share the same codes.

There are also a couple of ways to import pronto hex into your harmony. See my sticky harmony tips thread for details.
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