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Originally Posted by CaptMike View Post
I have a new set up coming in about 10 days.

It will mean moving my AVR, SAT receivers and my Blu-Ray player into a closet in which the door to that closet will be closed. My Ultimate Hub will continue to "live" on top of my AVR. The problem that I see will be this:

The Hub will not be able to physically see the new TV that will be about 6 feet away from it (closed closet door)

If the Ultimate settings are changed from HUB to REMOTE on the HUB AND REMOTE ASSIGNMENTS for the new TV, will that allow me NOT to use the Mini Blasters (which I do not use now anyway because all components are in the same area and all current assignments are for HUB only).
If I understand correctly, the TV will be the only device outside your cabinet.

I would advise placing the hub inside your cabinet, purely for aesthetic reasons

You then have the option to set your remote to control the TV directly via IR, yes, but this will require pointing the remote again, and Activities using the TV that are launched from the app will not be able to fire commands to your TV. I would recommend placing a mini blaster somewhere in an open space in your room, and finding a location from which it's able to reach your TV. It's more discrete than the hub, and you won't need to worry about pointing your remote. The mini blaster, while not as strong as the hub, does fire a strong IR signal that can bounce around and reach devices that are a fair distance away.

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It seems that one of the updates has broken something for me with sequences.

I'm guessing someone has decided to save stupid users from themselves and prevented the use of power toggle in a sequence if the device in question is set to be always on. Why, oh why must we be saved? Can't we decide how to use the bloody thing by ourselves?

My setup is as follows. Multiple sources connected to an AVR via HDMI and that is connected to a TV AND a projector. I have sequences inside each activity called "projector ON" and "projector OFF" which turn the projector ON, turn off the TV and lower the screen to cover the TV and vice versa. I've had to set the projector to be "always on" so that it would be always off (rather counter-intuitively) until I decide to use it within an activity. This has worked beautifully for me in the past until someone decided to break it.

You may argue that I should create activities for both displays separately but I don't want two activities for each source. I have enough of them already. Besides, I like using the small smart control remote for everything and that would be ruined.

So please, bring this option back. Optimally, make it possible to use ALL devices in a sequence, not just the ones in the activity.


Any plans to support MiCasaVerde Vera in the future?
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