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ares350's Avatar ares350 09:19 PM 06-09-2013
coming from a harmony 880 and now a harmony one. each has slowly died over time, no major complaints, many years of loyal service from each.

but now... this harmony touch isn't really blowing my skirt up. no physical number buttons is a hard pill to swallow.

before I overpay for a discontinued harmony one off ebay from a manufacturer that appears to be intent on discontinueing the brand, I am checking out this crestron unit.

It seems powerful, but perhaps not what its supposed to be doing in a "simple" home theatre setup. Im ignoring its price for the moment...

would it even be applicable for my purposes or am I misunderstanding its real function? does it program and queue up macro commands a la harmony?

mdavej's Avatar mdavej 08:20 AM 06-10-2013
You do realize you'll also have to add at least a grand for the services of a Crestron programmer, right? Nothing wrong with a fully integrated pro system with feedback and all of that, but if this is DIY, you may want to consider something else.

Also, you haven't said what your requirements are.
ares350's Avatar ares350 11:59 AM 06-10-2013
that is all I needed to know. the software was what I was curious about. Wasn't sure if it was nicely setup like the harmony software, or if it was more *freeform*

guess its the latter, Ill mosey along.
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