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I'm looking to change the remote control in my existing theater. I currently have the rack installed flush with the back wall and have Crestron controls.  I'm looking to change for three reasons:  1.  Lightning damaged one Crestron Controller COM port (projector control doesn't work) and it will cost $300 minimum to have repaired. 2. I hate the MX-500 remote due to the terrible central selector and it will cost me $600 for a new remote and at least $300 in updated programming.  3.  Component replacements in the future will cost more in programming.  The Harmony looks promising since their database says it will control my Vidikron Vision 12 projector and my Outlaw 990.  But, will the IR work for me?  Since the components are flush mount with the wall behind the seating, I have no 'shelf' on which to place the hub in front of the gear.  Can I mount it to the ceiling above and in front, and if so, any experience with the range it will work?   If it's not likely to work, any other suggestions?


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What's in front of the equipment?  I know you said it's a flush mounted area.  But do the backs of the seats face the devices?  I've installed a hub in an "open area" but relied on the IR signals to bounce off of certain items in the space.  Plus you get two other mini blaster with the kit.  So you could rig something up with those little guys too?

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Its mostly open space directly in front.  The gear is in the back corner and the seats are off to the side toard the center of the room.  That's one reason I was thinking of the ceiling or even the side wall in the corner.  From the ceiling I can run the hub's power back to the rack and with it about a foot in front of the rack the distance to the lowest component will be about 5 feet at about 60 degrees from the hub.  I'm not sure if that is close enough.  

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The IR blasters are connected top the hub via wires. You can put the hub in the rack and just route the blaster wires to where you want them.
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You'll need extensions if its further than 6' or so. That's about the length of the blaster cord if I remember right.
Any way you can test it before you commit to a mounting location? That would be the first logical step...if possible.
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Thanks dalto and ISFGeek7.  I can definitely test it out before I commit to mounting the hub. Seems like I have a couple of options to try.   I think I am going to go for it.

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Just wanted to post an update.  I got the Ultimate and set it up and it works great.  The hub is sitting on a shelf next to the PS3 and the front protrudes maybe an inch from the open rack.  I didn't even have to connect the IR blasters. Controls all of the gear in my rack and the projector just fine.  Great product!

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